She moves in mysterious ways

A little dash of mystery is a nice way to kick of the last day of ModBlog for the year.  Come Friday all the BME staff are going to be at BMEHQ for the BME New Year’s Eve Party.  You’re all invited, so if you haven’t made plans yet, check out the event page for all the details.

As for the mystery woman, all I can tell you is that Daniel from Brightmoor in Columbia, TN did her tattoos.

3 thoughts on “She moves in mysterious ways

  1. It’s alright, it’s alright, alright
    Lift my days, light up my nights

    is she a beautician? know whatd be awesome about the skull tattoo? if it was any way facing the camera so that I could’ve identified the type of tattoo it was without checking the tags…just sayin’ otherwise its about the size of my piece

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