Out with the old…

Happy new year everyone.  I hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday season.  Well, at least safer than some of the shenanigans at the BME NYE party.

With the new year upon us, for some it is a time to rid themselves of a burden and take the time to start fresh.  Well for Subboez, so far this year he was able to finish up a project that he has been trying to complete for some time.

After 25 years of contemplation, and months of planning and attempts, he was able to finally give himself the circumcision that he has wanted.

Keep reading to find out how he did it, and a photo of the procedure.

First, here is the diary that Subboez kept while performing this long procedure on himself.

2011-01-02 08:15
Just banded up again to give the circumcision another proper go. I’ve done several tries with the band for up to an hour or a little more since the last time I wrote, but never had any intention of going through with it. Today is a real attempt.

2011-01-02 09:00
Coming close to the hour mark and the pain is beginning to set in. From previous experiments this lasts for close to an hour before fading. The banded foreskin is numb now but has not changed into the dark colour as it did last time.

2011-01-02 10:00
Fully numb now and not hurting at all. Just tried poking the banded skin with a pin and I can go all the way through without feeling anything.

2011-01-02 15:00
Still banded. There is a little pain but I think this is from the skin around the band. Peeing is strange as I found last time. I cannot feel anything in the banded area yet I know there is fluid passing.

2011-01-02 23:00
The band is still in place and nothing much has changed since the last report. The only thing that I can sense is that the banded skin feels softer than I remember earlier. There’s no feeling at all as before and the colour doesn’t seem to have changed much either. The band has been in place for 15 hours now so everything that is banded must be dead by now so I assume there’s no going back now. I will report back in the morning.

2011-01-03 08:00
Didn’t sleep very well but I don’t think this was because of any discomfort. Probably more to do with the anticipation of what another 8 hours or so would change things. Some of the skin is getting much darker now which is proof that the tissue has no life left in it. I added another band, but this one is plastic coated metal wire which should clamp much tighter than the rubber band used so far. The only problem is the end of the wire which digs into anything nearby. That’s more painful than the actual band itself. I poked a needle right through the skin in lots of places this morning and there is no blood (or pain).

2011-01-03 08:20
Just tried slicing the skin with a razor blade. That was interesting! It cut into the skin really easily. I cut all the way through about 1cm wide. The inside doesn’t look a lot different to the outside skin apart from the fact that it is wetter. No blood at although I stopped short of a blood vessel that was uncovered. I’ll wait a while before trying to cut through that.

2011-01-03 10:47
Ok. It’s done. I’ve just spent the last 5 minutes cutting the banded skin off. The blood vessels taht I was worrying about were no problem at all. It was only the left-over blood in then that I could see. I tried a small one first and once this proved to be no problem, decided to cut as much skin off as I could without (hopefully) risking the bands coming off before the blood vessels are fully healed. I expect this to happen over the next few days so still need to look after things

And here is then end result after the cutting is complete.

When it comes to DIY procedures like this, it’s always best to be extremely cautious as it can result in serious and permanent injuries.

15 thoughts on “Out with the old…

  1. This is more like the modblog material :)
    I thought it was pig skin in the first picture o.O

  2. I would like to see more procedural shots of this to see more steps involved. You should also do a follow up for when this heals, because I am curious to see the results. Great find.

  3. that was interesting, though I don’t completely understand what is going on with the end result.

    What is in his penis? It looks like a piece of plastic from a pen or something.

  4. Meow, it’s a piece of a straw. From his page… “For those of you who don’t know, things like straws are pretty good for piercings. You push it through then seal the ends with a flame (a lighter works really well). This makes the ends sort of shrink back and form a ridge to prevent the object falling out of the hole. The big problem is estimating how much the straw is going to shrink – you don’t want it to be too short!”


  5. @meow: The last image is after the foreskin has been removed but before he took off the elastic band and wire he used to isolate the foreskin. His IAM page has other diaries like the one I posted of his other attempts.

  6. as someone proundly bearing a foreskin…OW!

    im not sure i understand how he was able to tie off his foreskin without causing the entire head of his penis to die as well.

    any insight on why he circumsized himself? i couldnt live without my fskin …so im really curious why he chose this.

  7. While you did do this of your own free will I SO hope that you know what you have permanently removed from your body. Immune, sexual, and protective functions, as well as 20000 nerve endings. Your penis is now less functional. I hope it was worth it.

  8. I love how the decision was left to a consenting adult! More people should let their boys decide for themselves :) More room to mod!

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