Squid Ink

This outstanding cephalopod tattoo was sent in by Margaj, who had the tattoo done by Ania from Szerytattoo in Warsaw.  The style is fantastic, with the abstract elements almost making the octopus appear as an ink blot.  It gives motion to an animal that is rarely ever seen at rest, while also giving the impression that the octopus is underwater, without explicitly drawing the water in the form of waves.

28 thoughts on “Squid Ink

  1. don’t shoot me for this….i don’t like it…. it;s been very well done i just think it looks….messy or incomplete somehow – i think part of me not being to keen is when i look at a tattoo/cutting/brand i like to instantly be able to see what it is…. it took me a while to realise this was a squid….

  2. I think that this looks fantastic. I could tell it was a squid right away, and I really like the ink blots. It adds some cool little details. A couple of the ink blots kind of look like abstract fish to me.
    Very cool! I’m definitely interested in seeing some more work from the artist.

  3. This is AMAZING! much praise to both the artist and the person that said “hey i want a squid but not a solid one” at least thats what they said in my head <3

  4. @meow: I went back and forth between squid and octopus, but the way some of the extra lines were coming out of it, i made the call for squid. Either way, it still looks awesome.

  5. i thought it looked more like an octopus than a squid, but i really like it. think the color blotches are fuckin awesome and amazing

  6. I agree with everyone that posted after me in that it is an octopus, and I like it. I could see having a sleeve or other large project done in this style.

  7. I’m pretty sure she’s referring to it as an octopus on her blog too but I can’t read Polish and the online translator is only translating about 20% of the content.

  8. I’d like to see a better picture of this tattoo. It looks like it *could* be really awesome but some of the gradient in the black looks accidental and sloppy. I could be wrong though, it’s hard to tell in this photo. Awesome style though. I love the abstract work that’s becoming more popular these days.

  9. too much going on…i love abstract art and the lack of contonuity in larger tattoo pieces, but this one seems forced, i’dlike to see it finished.

  10. At first I thought it would say that the tattoo is made of octopus ink. I wonder if that would be possible?

  11. I guess im not looking at it right. The general consensus seems to be everyone in love with it.
    To me it seems poorly executed. Cool idea, who doesn’t love squid/octopuses, but technically it looks like the tattoo was done very poorly. Looks like a bunch of blown out lines and poor shading to me.
    But each to their own!

  12. aawww im kinda disappointed.
    the tat’s awesome but i saw the title so i totally thought it was gonna be something about using squid ink for a tattoo. i’ve always wandered if that was possible

  13. hello. thank you all for all comments on my work, and i mean all..;). i admit its not the most fortunate photograph of this particular tattoo (you can see it better at the http://www.thirtysixtytwo.com), but magda, thanx for posting in on one my fav blogs!
    all of you interested in getting work done by me, i work in warsaw at the szerytattoo, but i do travel a lot to various places and here is my current travel info:
    15-16/01/11 – http://www.tattoofreeze.com/. contact me to book an appointment at the convention.
    17-19/01/11 -http://www.mantratattoo.com/. still a couple of openings left.

  14. Hi everyone.
    It wasn’t me who posted my octopus on the blog – someone must saw that in my picture gallery ;).
    Tattoo is not healed yet, so I’m glad that people likes it anyway. The picture is really, really bad, but the tattoo is so wonderful that I had to share it! Sorry Ania :)

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