ModBlog News of the Week: January 7th, 2011

Welcome to the first newsfeed post of the year, and this week is any indication, 2011 will be full of stories of epic proportions!

To kick things off, we have a story out of the UK about a fan going the extra mile for her passion.

For most people, a first tattoo is usually a small marking, perhaps a Chinese symbol no more a few inches wide. But Cathy Ward, 49, is such a die-hard fan of the Twilight Saga series of books and movies that she wanted something a bit more special… her entire back covered in artwork from the vampire films.  The supermarket worker, from Reading, braved 22 hours in the tattoo artist’s chair after months saving £2,000 to put permanent reminders of stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner on her skin.


She was desperate to get almost the whole cast of blood-sucking characters on her back because she claims they helped her lose five stone.  ”I love Robert Pattinson. I want to tone up so I can get his character Edward Cullen on my stomach.”

Now my gut instinct is to snark, because well, it’s Twilight, but when you think about it, what’s the difference between this tattoo and a giant Star Wars backpiece?  Well, aside from quality of the source material.  Fans will do some crazy things, and from reading the article it seems she took her obsession and used it to get herself healthy.

Lots more news to come, including a police blotter, tattoos in the military, and a possible health risk.

For anyone who reads a local paper, you may be familiar with a police blotter.  It’s basically a run down of some of the smaller crimes that have occurred that don’t warrant a full story.  A prime example of one comes from the Kings County Advertiser/Register from up in Nova Scotia.

1. A North Kentville woman reported a theft. She said her landlord had smoked all her cigarettes while she was in the hospital.

2. A tattoo parlour owner contacted police after a former customer threatened him. The man and his girlfriend had had their names tattooed on each other; then, the man was unfaithful. The woman was attempting to have her tattoo obliterated. The owner found himself threatened with being pushed under a truck in traffic if he removed the man’s name from her body.

3. A woman driving through Gospel Woods Rd. at 2 a.m. went to answer her cell phone and had a collision.

4. A guest at a New Minas hostelry received a ticket after he called 911 at 11:30 p.m. to protest staff would not change his shower gel.

5. A very nude couple visible due to open curtains was reported in Wolfville about 7 p.m. Police requested they close the blinds.

6. A clerk at a Wolfville store observed a woman wearing a stolen dress on Main St. Police were called and the woman claimed the dress was a gift. She was transported home and officers seized the garment.

7. A woman in Canning called police about a suspicious blue tarp lying on a trail. She said she was afraid to look under it. Police found nothing when they lifted the tarp.

8. An 89-year-old man was reported for asking a passerby to pay a bill for him at a New Minas business. He stated he could drive, but he couldn’t walk.

9. A woman reported a man for blowing kisses and winking at her in a parking lot over the lunch hour.

10. A woman left a five-month-old baby for three hours with a friend working at a mall in New Minas.

I am curious as to what the difference between “nude” and “very nude” is.  Oh, and obviously, if you’re going to be covering up a tattoo of someone’s name, make sure they’re not there with you.  For some reason that may cause them to get upset.

Back across the pond in Warwick, a tattoo shop that had originally been denied a permit to open, was finally granted one after the owner proved to the council that not only are tattoo studios not a source of crime, but they can also help prevent the spread of scratchers in-town as there is no legal studio open.

Of course when studios are licensed it also means the government gets to impose licensing fees.  For studios in Missouri, those fees are set to triple, which is causing some studios to fear customers will no longer come in and go to illegal operations.

The Missouri Division of Professional Registration’s Office of Tattooing, Body Piercing and Branding is accepting public comments through Jan. 14 on proposed fee increases. The new fees are expected to go into effect in late April or May, said Travis Ford, spokesman for the Division of Professional Registration.

Individual tattoo licenses will jump from $30 to $100, and tattoo establishment licenses will go from $100 to $200. Additional fees are charged for combination licenses, like tattooing and body piercing. The licenses are good for two years.

Of course, the counter argument to this is that the increase in fees should have no bearing whatsoever on the costs to the customer, and if the studios suddenly jack up their rates based off the increase of the annual license, they’re probably just trying to make more money off the publicity.

Moving towards the health aspects of modifications, health experts in Australia are asking for laws to be put in place to prevent “extreme piercings” in children as young as 11.

Children as young as 11 are nudging towards body modification practices once reserved for hardcore punks, reports the Courier Mail.  There are no laws in Queensland outlawing the piercing of young children, except in genitals. Yet, tattooing, on anyone under the age of 18 is illegal.

The Australian Medical Association Queensland president Gino Pecoraro supported the campaign and said the laws for piercing should be the same as tattooing.  ”Parents should be taking these people up on assault charges,” he said.  He said microdermal anchors amounted to surgical procedures and “should not be carried out by anyone not fully qualified and certainly should never ever be carried out on a minor”.  ”If they become infected … and left untreated, an infection runs the risk of bacteria getting into the blood and can be very dangerous to the heart,” Pecoraro said.

While the risks of microdermals are the same for anyone regardless of age, it is interesting they’ve singled them out as the “extreme” piercing that kids want these days.

In another story from down under (thanks as always to Botexty for sending in the news stories from Australia), doctors are warning people to avoid getting tattooed.  The reason?  They can possibly mask skin diseases such as cancer.

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) said the increasing popularity of tattoos, particularly among young people, is becoming an emerging medical concern.  Summer is a popular time of year for people to get tattoos … however, few people are aware that tattoos may hinder the diagnosis of a range of skin conditions, including skin cancer, by masking the tell-tale signs,” AMA president Dr Andrew Pesce said.

Nickolas Dennis is just one of many Orange residents with tattoos, and said he can understand how they could increase the risk of skin cancer.  He has had tattoos since the late 1980s, but has only just noticed a suspicious looking mole in the ink on his upper right arm.  “I didn’t take notice of it until six months ago,” he said.  “I hadn’t noticed it because of my tattoo.”  “Because it’s coloured in I didn’t really look.”  Mr Dennis said the effects of the sun’s strong UV rays could be seen in his tattoos that have faded to the point of being unreadable due to sunburn and sun damage.

Now the article doesn’t explicitly state that tattoos will lead to skin cancer, but it does gloss over the fact that this guy probably spends all summer outdoors without a shirt or sunblock on.  Sure the coloring may have obscured the blemish, but I get the impression he’s someone who doesn’t really check his skin over all the time anyway.

An Australian teacher is still in the classroom after making some pretty inappropriate comments towards his students.

The VIT disciplinary panel, chaired by Jane O’Shannessy, was told the man then commented on another student having got a nose piercing. The student claimed he followed her into the classroom and said words to the effect: “Oh, so you are a rebel. Have any of the other teachers ticked you off yet?”  He allegedly went on to say: “If any other teachers comment on it then tell them that is your good piercing and your other piercing can’t be seen as it is in a place where only your partner can see.  ”No, even better. Tell them that your Brazilian waxer has to take care not to damage the piercing when she is waxing you.”  The panel heard the student testified repeatedly that this exchange took place but the teacher denied it. He admitted only to the first part of the conversation, saying “he had in mind belly-button not genitalia piercing”.  ”The teacher said he realised his remarks were definitely inappropriate but he had not intended them to convey sexual connotations or be unpleasant,” the panel found.

I’m sorry.  As someone who has never had a Brazilian wax before (shocking I know), I’m fairly certain the navel isn’t exactly one of the places the waxer will concern themselves with.  Well, I suppose in my case they might, but for others probably not.

In much more positive news, tattooed Philadelphia-area veterans are invited to take part in a photo shoot for a project involving tattooed military personnel.

World renowned photographer, Kyle Cassidy, will be at American Legion Post 615 in Tinley Park on Friday January 7th from 7pm until 11 pm and Saturday January 8th from 6 pm until midnight, to speak with and photograph veterans with tattoos for his latest project “War Paint: Tattoo Culture & the Armed Forces”. War Paint is being published by Schiffer Books.

Anyone interested in sharing their story and tattoo(s) with Mr. Cassidy is urged to come up to American Legion Post and talk with him. You do not need to be a member of the American Legion, only a veteran with a tattoo and a story. He is looking for former and current service members to participate in this photo project. The requirements are simply that you served in the military (during war or peace time) and that you have a tattoo which is related to that military service. This is a great opportunity to preserve pieces of our history.

For more information on this project you can go to:

It looks like an interesting book, so if you’re in the area, follow the link above to get details for the shoot this weekend.

What would the newsfeed post be without the celebrity round-up?  This year is starting off light, but I’m sure hollywood won’t disappoint this year.

To start with, evidently it’s shocking that a musician got a tattoo.  I only know of the band from their songs on RockBand so I don’t know if they’re any good or not, but hey, new tattoo!

In completely unrelated news, another musician has tattoos.  The Maroon 5 guy did a spread for Cosmo where his Maroons were held by a nice lady with nail polish.  It’s supposed to create awareness for prostate and testicular cancer, but really I think it’s just an excuse for Cosmo to post a naked dude.

And finally, in what is probably the most important news story I will ever post, LeAnn (I’m still relevant) Rimes and Kate (I have no problems exploiting my children) Gosselin may have a tattoo in the same location that when viewed from a telephoto lens 10 miles away makes a similar blurry shape.  I honestly weep for humanity if this passes as news.

Well that’s it for this week.  Have a great weekend everyone and remember to send in any news stories you come across for next week’s news.

24 thoughts on “ModBlog News of the Week: January 7th, 2011

  1. As ridiculous as I think that Twilight tattoo is, it actually looks fairly nice.

    and creepy teacher is creepy… O.o

  2. Hmm. I like Twilight, but I’m not a dickhead about it… I’ve read the books (found the lack of detail in the ONLY sex scene to be very disappointing, watched the movies and the acting could do with some work but hey, they’re only kids.. The target audience IS after all, young teenage girls whos idea of true love hasn’t been obliterated by some idiot older boy who only says I love you for the nookie..

    But. I wouldn’t get a backpeice of it..

  3. Nova Scotia’s police blotter is one of the funniest things I’ve read in a while… Also, the first photo’s story starts out about first tattoos and that woman has clearly had other tattoos done. I thought that was funny, too.

    And the Twilight books were a good read; the movies screwed the story all up and therefore I hate them, but if I were asked to do a back piece for the movie I couldn’t have done it better :)

  4. Micro article: “”Microdermal anchors are in big demand and, basically, they go in but they don’t come out,” Thorsen said”

    … uhm…. apparently he’s never seen a rejecting microdermal? Did they confuse microdermals with dermal implants?

  5. whereas twilight is total shit, at least her back piece is done really well.
    also, i love that the article about kids getting pierced in OZ mentioned that young ones were getting piercings usually reserved for hardcore punks


  6. She is going to have Robert Pattinson tattooed on her THREE times.
    Twice on the back piece AND on her stomach.
    That is so wrong. Obsessive and wrong.

    Also, its obviously not her first tattoo.

  7. i intently dislike twilight and seeing that tattoo makes me intently dislike it even more.
    i will however agree, it is very well done…..

    it’s jsut any vampire who sparkles deserves to die, damned woodland fairies!!!

    Also i had to pick this piece out, Doctors are warning against getting tattooed because it could mask skin cancer etc – i was told last week (this is in the UK) at an allergy test that a) i should not get my forearms tattooed as many medical procedures require them to be clear and also it was a “terrible” move to get the backs of my hands tattooed (Since having my hands tattooed i’ve had IV’s in the backs of my hands – no problem) and then i was told b) my allergies could be down to just ….wait for it….HAVING TO MANY TATTOOS. apparently all my problems stem from the ink used for tattooing!!

    doctors amaze me.

  8. 9. A woman reported a man for blowing kisses and winking at her in a parking lot over the lunch hour.

    … she reported that??

  9. *shudders* Twilight, and what the hell is with them saying “first tattoo” when she obviously has one on her forearm… also check the profession “super market worker” that must have taken forever to save up that much money…

    LOL Hard core punks…that’s funny….

  10. If you look closely it appears that the floral tattoo on her right shoulder area pre-dates the twiglet tattoo, aside from the obvious upper arm tattoo reflected in the mirror.

  11. Does anyone else think that the picture of “Bella” looks more like Nikki Reed than Kristen Stewart? Random I know but it really doesn’t look like Kristen at all :-|

  12. The reports about skin cancer detection being made harder by tattoos is 100% true and correct. Regardless of if you “check your skin often” you can’t necessarily see the changes in pigment. We lost an IAM member to skin cancer that had metastasized and killed him in a few months after he finally noticed the skin cancer. It was too late.

    Please remember to wear sun block, all over your body, not just on your tattoos or areas that aren’t covered by clothing. Especially you Australians and your crazy hot sun! The sun block is good for your tattoos anyway and will help prevent sun damage.

    The one thing that I hate is when you have to get an injection or an IV and the doctors/nurses act like dickheads because they can’t “see” the veins. They are trained to do this by feel rather than sight because what if you come into the ER covered in blood from an accident, what are they going to say? “OH, no IV for you, you’re all bloody and I can’t “see” the veins!”. You can also pull the race card because some people with darker skin tones are harder to see their veins but they’re supposed to do it by feel. I’ve had some pretty bad nurses where I actually had to tell them they had to stop because they were hurting me. One lady pushed a needle into the tendon on my arm and tried to say it was in a vein. Idiots!

  13. Not interested that Haley got tattooed. A guy from down here who’s tattooed me a few times (Mark Stewart, Forever Tattoo in Cape Coral fl) got to tour with them and New Found Glory during warped to tattoo the bands. So awesome.

  14. @NexiZydrate
    I went to the doctors for having lost my voice, nearly passing out at work and looking like walking death according to the first three colleagues I saw. The doctor I went to instantly interrogated me about what metal my piercings were, how many do I have, are they silver, take them all out because they’re going to give me cancer, don’t get my ears done anymore or they’ll drop off and oh, by the way, you have sever laryngitis and if it gets even slightly worse go to the hospital directly.

    Never at any point did I ask for his opinion on any of my mods condition.

    Doctors also amaze me.

  15. Tobias: It seems like having a tattooer on tour with bands is getting to be a bigger and bigger thing. Really though, how much tattooing are you getting done that you have to have a tattooer on the tour with you?

  16. Hah. Doctors in New Zealand (at least the part where I’m from) are genuinely interested about the stories behind our tattoos and peircings. I’ve never had a Doctor tell me my mods would give me cancer or that tattoos affect finding veins….

  17. As mung stated, the Twilight backpiece is far from her first tattoo, I’ve seen a photo elsewhere of this tattoo in progress and in that picture you can see at least another 3 tattoos. That said, the first article is from the Daily Mail, and I’m sure any other UK Modbloggers will back me up when I say that newspaper is an utter joke.

  18. The police blotter was hilarious to me- I’m actually originally FROM Kings County in NS (But live very far from there now:), so that seriously was one of the funnier things I have read in awhile. Cracked me up:)

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