The BMEGirl Friday

With the new year I’m going to try to bring back the old tradition of a BME Boy or Girl post on Fridays.  That doesn’t mean they won’t pop up during the week, but for those that look forward to the Friday hotness, consider your requests fulfilled.

Today we’ve got a couple of pictures of Stembot, who can make standing around in a kitchen or laying on a couch so much more than a mundane activity.

The octopus in the above photo was done by Ross Trimmer from True Tattoo in Richmond, VA

There’s one more photo of Stem, but you’ll have to keep reading to check it out.

See what I mean?  She’s jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

There’s more photos of her in the BMEGirls gallery, as well as in several tattoo galleries.

21 thoughts on “The BMEGirl Friday

  1. Oh my goodness….I love how…canvas like her body looks, without anything actually showing, this picture is quite erotic. =)

  2. Even though she’s naked I can’t stop staring at her face. She’s beautiful! And the tattoo’s are beautiful too of course.

  3. Maybe it’s the editing of the photos but she looks like she has very soft skin! (not to mention a cute backside)

  4. Nice octopus. Its a pretty decent copy of a tattoo I have on my arm(to see the original go to or my iam page)

    I suppose this is happens when you let people take pictures of your tattoo at a ska show in Richmond :/

    Pretty girl though

  5. Really? I’ve seen an octopus something like this so many times over the years. It’s a fairly common thing to have tattooed and looking at close ups of both hers and yours, they really aren’t that similar other than the fact that they’re both of the same creature. Colours are different. Tentacle positions are different. The eyes are different. The head shape is different. They really aren’t the same at all.

  6. Good! I was mostly going off of the color scheme, couldn’t see much detail from the above pics (but now looking at her iam page, I totally see it now)

    I hereby rescind my grumpiness and celebrate the best Cephalopod ever!

  7. Also, forgive me from throwing that out in the first place, I should have looked harder before saying anything; but it was like ~8 months ago, I’m at a show in richmond, and I see a flash and some guys says “sweet, my girlfriend wants a tattoo just like this” ::eyeroll::

    I see this posted as being from Richmond and jumped to conclusions, my bad

  8. I got my tattoo 3 years ago. It was drawn by the guy’s girlfriend who did the outline (while I watched her) and then colored in/ re-lined by my now ex. Orange is my favorite color and he thought that green would compliment it the best. Just so that’s clear.

    But I understand your frustration at the thought. I went out on a date with a guy (only one) a couple years ago. Next time I saw him out he made a point of showing me his new orange and green Kraken (he pronounced Crey-ken) tattoo. I could launch into a whole thing about how much I love cephs and all other tentacle-y creatures and how he is only the start of my torso that I am being a wimp about finishing, but I won’t get into that.

    Thank you for the apology and all the previous nice comments.

    And it is an apron that I’m holding…

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