BMEtv – IAM: Nano

We did several interviews with people from IAM that we met along the way. We also talked to random strangers that we met on the street who had visible tattoos or piercings. Nano was the first of many more to come!

To see the video of Nano’s beard being interviewed, you’ll have to keep reading.

12 thoughts on “BMEtv – IAM: Nano

  1. Hi Nano, you and Rob should take a trip to Calgary this summer. On a marginally-rated note, I paused listening to The Knife, in order to listen to this interview. Coincidence? Or conspiracy?

  2. I watched this guy eat a sandwich made with ham, turkey, and bacon, all stuffed between TWO grilled cheese sandwiches. And the accent’s pretty annoying, too.

    (that was sarcasm, Nano is actually a pretty rad dude if you like hugs and meat products)

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