It slices, it dices..

It makes scar tissue out of ordinary flesh!  What is it you ask?  It’s the skilled blade of Anders the Piercing Guy.  Take a look below at just what his blade did to JakeMindsnared’s chest.

The rhino scar on his abdomen is also by Anders and is 3 months old at the time this photo was taken.  You can check out more of Anders’ work in his BME portfolio gallery, and if you keep reading you can see a couple of shots from the procedure.

The rest of the photos can be found in Anders’ gallery.

7 thoughts on “It slices, it dices..

  1. Doing it all again at this years Surf N Ink convention… Jan21-23!! thats real soon!!! Gold Coast Australia. This time, Anders will cut some fucking sweet blackwork on my shoulder!!!! updates then….

  2. @anima WOW i havent thought of that movie in ages but it does look like those creatures!

    And the work looks incredible with the bold cuts. I love the style

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