Teamwork is key

For those of you not familiar with The Sinner Team out of Moscow, they’re a suspension team that is continually trying to push the envelope of what can be accomplished through suspensions.  They’ve recently sent in photos from a number of different suspensions, so expect to see them pop up over the next little bit.

As for today, we’re going to take a look at a couple of their recent tandem suspensions.  To start with, we have what appears to be a tandem superman suspension, although the placement of the three hooks on the lower suspension leads me to believe that it’s called something else.

There’s another photo after the break, as well as a video from one of the Sinner Team’s most dangerous suspensions.

Next up is a triple suspension, primarily consisting of suicide suspensions, but with added knees for the middle suspendee.

Finally there’s a video that has been making the rounds for a little while now, featuring an extremely dangerous suspension.  Before watching it, please keep in mind that this is NOT a typical set up, and the level of risk involved is astronomical.

As with all suspensions, these are not something to be attempted without the supervision of a team of experienced practitioners.  Even then, there is always room for improvement, which is why the suspension community hosts Suscons all over, to keep practitioners up to date in all the latest developments in practicing safe suspensions.

16 thoughts on “Teamwork is key

  1. Creative and nice to look at, but from a technical/health standpoint, seems like a bad idea to not have barriers between eachother in terms of blood exposure from one another.

  2. @ 8. Tobias
    I should recheck, but from what I remember, the harness is connect to the same block so there is multiple SPOF’s “single points of failure”. There is not nearly enough redundancy, especially considering more redundancy could be added quite easily.
    This is not a static suspension, with the forces and the angles of those forces involved, he could slip out of that harness (if the suspension rigging were to fail in some way, but not the harness rigging).
    They seem to have the the impact force (handy graph here ) worked out fine here, but if someone were to it mess up not only could the hooks rip through the skin (which shouldn’t be a huge deal in itself) but the harness could do some serious damage to the pelvis and back or the rigging could all out fail and let them plummet.
    There also seem to be some hygiene/cross contamination issues, this is relatively minor.

    I am not condemning them for this, But this is not safe. No, not safe at all.
    I do have respect for them for pulling this off. It is pretty impressive.

  3. OMG the whole first 30 seconds of the video my jaw was dropped!

    That had to be the most incredible feeling in the world.


  4. Hi there. I am the leader of The Sinner Team and it`s me jumping in free fall video. First of all – thanks for good words and for this post)) Unexpected pleasure to see it all on modblog.

    I would like to say a few words about our equipmend and about measures that we take to ensure the safety of our suspension.

    The first thing I would like to announce that our team is professionally engaged in addition to suspension more and rope-jumping. we are able to do jumps – a specialist of rope-jumping in our team working on this for over three years, and for more – he is a reservist of the Moscow Rescue Service. He has all the skills necessary for safety in extreme situations. Only experience in rope-jumping allowed us to finally implement the free fall suspension. Lots of jumps without hooks.

    Now a bit about equipment. We use a system of compensation breakthrough from rope-jumping as a primary attachment – two dynamic ropes, which blow jerk. In the case of rupture of one of them – I just hang on a safety rope. These systems are difficult to see in the video, so here’s a photo of this rehearsal jump.
    (Yes, there was also the first jump – a smaller scale, in which we have tested all the systems work in safer conditions)

    On this photo, I went down – so the rope can be clearly seen. These are two ropes, which are attached and two jumping rope. That is, it means that all systems are duplicated – to the ends of two ropes attached frame and insurance. In this photo, I went down – so the rope can be clearly seen. These are two ropes, which are attached and two jumping rope. That is, it means that all systems are duplicated – to the ends of two ropes fixed frame and a safety belt. in this photo is clearly visible.

    Also to a safety belt tied extra jumping rope – for some people it seems that it is a safety-line and that is too long. It is not. The extra jumping rope appears because when I try to jump in front of this without hooks I make more free fall, but before jumping to the hooks we make it shorter. I do not cut it – just twist and tie to a belt. Here is one more photo – here you can clearly see the harness and a short safety-rope.

    And here is the whole video from the first jump – there is about three times less free fall and two hooks. That is how I tested my idea, after a lots of jumps without hooks.

    Only after all of this preparations I was sure in my skill and equipment to perform this jump.

    Also I want to say that our team had performed over 400 (!) suspensions during first two years since we had formed. It means that it was not like “I know nothing about suspensions, but I will jump to become cool”.

    I believe in safety. But even more I believe in oppotunity to make this jumps real. This is a really GREAT expirience, for which you can go to a specific risk. I can. I am 24, I am married and I do not want to die – but I am not afraid to make my dreams real.

    Now I am thinking about the ultimate model of closed hooks and going to deal with the increase of free fall – but only after a lots of work in rope-jumping. This is what I want to do – and this is the greatest expirience i have ever had)) I know about the risk. But I trust my teammates and I have balls to take this risk)) I really LOVE it.

  5. wow looks like imense fun but i dont know if id ever try it, the swing factor hes getting is huge!

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