The Friday Follow-up

Earlier this week we got to take a look at a fresh cutting by Anders.   Well it turns out that fresh cutting on JakeMindsnared was actually done over 9 months ago.  This means, not only do we have a follow-up from earlier in the week, but also a look back at an earlier scar that Anders did on Jake.

So here’s Jake’s rhino scar just as it was finished, over a year ago.

To see how both this scar, and the horn scars look today, keep on reading.

So, after a year for the rhino, and nine months for the horns, here’s how they look.

To see more healed pics, as well as more photos from both scarification sessions, head on over to Anders’ scarification portfolio gallery.

3 thoughts on “The Friday Follow-up

  1. The 2 picture is taken in a bad light, the healed picture is very good. But the lightning is bad

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