Little Yellow Boxes

The world would be a much better place if everyone was able to express their own inner monologue via little yellow boxes.  Alas, that can’t happen, so we all have to live vicariously through the merc with the mouth, Deadpool.  In the 2009 Deadpool one-shot “Games of Death” our hero traveled to a mysterious island to participate in a deadly reality TV game show.  In addition to giving the fans a fun little tale, it also provided them with a fantastic cover by Greg Land.

One of those fans is Exiled_Sun who is an apprentice at Nautica Tattoo Studio in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland.  One of the resident artists at Nautica, Albert Connor was nice enough to give Michael a recreation of the cover art.  You can check out more photos of the piece in the cartoon and comic tattoo gallery.

5 thoughts on “Little Yellow Boxes

  1. This so fucking sweet. This is one of the few times something that is not a saga is actually EPIC.

  2. Go on Michael you deadly bitch! Love it. Deadpool is the fucking SHIT. Can’t wait to see it healed. (hint)

  3. This is the second time that I’ve noticed a tattoo from that studio. It always sticks in my head because Carrick is such a hole that it’s nice to see something of quality come out of it.

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