The Blood of Baphomet

While the origins of Baphomet, a pagan/masonic/templar deity, are somewhat convoluted and mildly confusing, this scar on the other hand is nice and clear.  Although, like the deity, the origins of this scar are somewhat of a mystery as there was no artist credit included in the upload.  From the rest of the photos, which you can find in the scarification gallery, it is a collaborative piece done by the gentlemen with the head lamps in the photo.

If you recognize any of the guys in the photo, please let me know so I can give them the credit they’re due.

27 thoughts on “The Blood of Baphomet

  1. I saw this in the gallery and my bf, who was shoulder surfing with me, thought it was a tattoo at first, beause of the detail.

  2. Correction: I am the guy on the right. This amazing scarification was done by iestyn Flye (the guy on the left) and only by him… … i work with iestyn Flye at Divine Canvas and the three of us just took a picture together because the guy with the scar loved our headlamps!

  3. The size, detail, and consistency of that make it utterly amazing. I would love to see more scarifications from the artist.

  4. ok if u would like any work from me come down to divine canvas in and follow the links .of iestyn flye on facebook.ive had a few things on modblog before

  5. This is definitely in my top favorite scars of all time. I would love to see a follow up post with pictures of the results once healed.

  6. Hey guys thanks for all the awesome respones it was amazing having it done the most incredible experience.

    Iestyn is an amazing artist and I am having all my scars from him in the future including, a new chest piece above the baphomet and having the finer lines redone.

    I the future Iestyn and Damien will be collaborating on my sleeve mixing ink and scar they are both amazing at what they do and in my mind cant be beaten, I would recomend to anyone for a truely unique exeperience with results youl love


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