BMEGirls love summer

Science has proven it time and time again that when it gets hot outside, BMEGirls will shed their clothing and take pictures.  Now for Iowa native TooGhoulForSchool, summer gives her a chance to stretch out on a hammock and soak up the sun.

Hmm.  Looks like the picture didn’t load fully.  Let me try again after the clickthrough.

That’s better.

Photo credit goes to Swanson Studios, while tattoo credit belongs to Jason Evans from Neon Dragon in Hiawatha, IA

21 thoughts on “BMEGirls love summer

  1. A skull with decorations tattooed over her ovaries/womb. Did she find out she cannot have kids or had her ovaries removed or that she had a still born?

  2. love the sugar skull

    i bet artists are going to love working on her… couldn’t ask for a better canvas

    and while i know everyone loves modding and the modded… i love natural breasts, of any size

    but damn… that skin! i want to pour her into my coffee

  3. ZOMG:
    Assuming of course that every woman wants/should have children of course?

    She could just like skulls… and she could just like that design. Not every mod has to have a meaning.


  4. I cannot have children.

    I’ve studied and admired Mexican art and culture since I was about 13.


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