Science Fiction, Double Feature

It’s almost impossible for some people to see a photo of a mouth and not immediately think of Rocky Horror.  Now when Rocky Horror came out 35 years ago, it wasn’t an instant success.  You have to think, would audiences have flocked to see it right away if Patricia Quinn had a split tongue?

And for those with the need to purge the Glee version from their heads..

12 thoughts on “Science Fiction, Double Feature

  1. Fantastic looking split. No visible scarring – what tongue splitting technique would leave such little scarring?

  2. I’m pretty sure she’s been featured on modblog before, she’s a poledance exercise teacher from Scandinavia somewhere.

    I believe the split was done with a scalpel & sutures

  3. @Genasyde I’ve had mine split since October 1998, and I’ve split it a few times since then to go further back. I used the pierce + fishing line method every time, and I have no scarring at all, and just like the photo above, I grew taste buds on the inside just a little bit.

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