Lotus Inversion

When one thinks of a lotus suspension, the immediate image that comes to mind is that of meditation.  The position itself leads to the connection between suspension and personal meditation, really showing off the spiritual side of the suspension ritual.

Lately we’ve been seeing images from the Sinner Team that show them pushing the limits of suspension, with suicide suspensions 700ft in the air, triple tandem suspensions, or a 50 point lotus suspension.  Below you can see sometimes they just stick to the basics and work with someone not necessarily for show, but for the spiritual growth that can come from being in the air.  Or course, it is the Sinner Team, so a traditional lotus now becomes an inverted lotus.

Just like their other suspensions, this inverted lotus was well documented, and you can see all of the photos in the lotus suspension gallery.

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5 thoughts on “Lotus Inversion

  1. These guys have done some impressive stuff, but I’m really concerned about seeing them held up as an example for others given their tendency to push limits while ignoring commonly accepted good practices….. ex. the hardware store spring-clips…..or the static rope drop without locking hooks…..

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