Gone, but not forgotten

When it comes to nipple removal, the question always arises, “What will it look like healed?”  Well, thanks to this newest submission to the nipple nullification gallery you can.

They still may lighten up over time as they’ve only healed for a year at the time this photo was taken.

7 thoughts on “Gone, but not forgotten

  1. me too Nexi, I would like to hear that it is something simple as he likes to wear thin T-shirts in cold rooms. Personally I feel my nipples just get in the way

  2. I’m a genderqueer transboi and I worry that when I get the balls to fix my chest my nipples might atrophy and fall off, it makes my stomach sick to know theyre gonna take them off then sew them back on

  3. my nipple removal (thanks HOWIE) scars are going away really well. everything just takes time. I think that the body’s ability to change and adapt is so beautiful.

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