Mother Nature

With everything going on in Australia lately, some may think that the earth has it out for them.  Of course, this isn’t the case and they’ve just had a horrible string of luck lately.  This does still make some think of the earth, as well as those mythological figures people have attributed to the planet over the centuries.  In Greek mythology, Gaia (or Gaea) was the primal goddess of the earth, the forerunner to Mother Nature.  Taking a look at this blackwork/cutting combination you can see how even today the myths stay strong.

Of course this could be a cutting dedicated to a person, or possibly the video game.  In any case, the flowing script provides a nice contrast against the black and the other writing on the wrist.

You can check out the full sized image in the blackwork and tribal gallery, as well as in the miscellaneous cutting gallery.

12 thoughts on “Mother Nature

  1. I love the hell out of those games, illusion of gaia *twirls a flute to move a statue* soul blazer a close second

  2. Wow, I usually don’t like blackwork, but this looks really good. The lettering is neat but a tad inconsistent as well. You can almost see the slight vibration of the cutter’s hand… Very cool.

  3. Like someone posted above, blackwork isn’t usually my thing but I really love how it sets against cutting scars. Beautiful!

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