Crisis in Australia

For those who haven’t seen the news today, Australia has been hit by another natural disaster in the form of Cyclone Yasi.  Early reports had the storm tracking as a class 5, but it has now been downgraded to a “very destructive” class 3.  For comparison, this storm is larger and more powerful than Hurricane Katrina.

There are a number of members of our community living in the affected areas and we’re all worried about them.  If you’re one of the affected, please let us know you’re ok.  For those not affected directly, the Australian Red Cross is working to provide assistance to the communities, as well as providing the National Registration and Inquiry System, which allows people who have gotten to safety to check in and let others know they’re safe.

7 thoughts on “Crisis in Australia

  1. About the ” larger and more powerful than Hurricane Katrina” comment: Katrina was horrible because of the levees breaking, not so much the storm.

  2. Once again the media have created more of a storm than the actual storm itself….there has been nowhere near the amount of destruction they were expecting and the media are still having a field day…:(

  3. The only reason there wasn’t more destruction was because it struck smaller communities with far more ferocity than it struck Cairns and Townsville. It’s not constructive comparing Katrina to Yasi and vice versa, instead think of the people involved and hurt the most and how we can help them.

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