Chained and Crucified

It seems to have become a tradition that when someone celebrates a birthday around a suspension artist, they end up suspending in an unusual manner by the end of the day.  The young woman in the photo below had just turned 18 so as a surprise Arseniy hooked her up in a crucifixion suspension for a photoshoot.

Head on over to the other suspensions gallery to see the rest of the photos from the shoot.  Please keep in mind that the rigging used in these photos was chosen specifically for the shoot and is not the typical manner in which suspensions occur.

3 thoughts on “Chained and Crucified

  1. I really like this picture, especially because of the expression on her face. Tortured. The shoot definitely produced one hell of a great shot.

  2. @clockorange
    it might be one of first seconds of her flight at this photo. and next ~20 minutes she didn’t wanted to turn back to the mortal ground 8))

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