Smoking hot

To round out today’s posts here’s a stunning BMEGirl from my hometown of Toronto.

Kat here is a piercer at Ultimate Tattoo, the shop the photographer Dylan Leeder lives above.

While you can find this photo in several galleries on BME thanks to the new system of being able to tag modifications in a photo, the easiest place to find photos of all the BMEGirls is in the BMEGirl gallery.

12 thoughts on “Smoking hot

  1. @ Kirby……
    actually i have had them for about 5 years now. they are 10g which helps 🙂

  2. the picture is a bit small to be able to tell but is her clavicle pierced? and if so can we find out if she still has it, how long she’s had it, and if she’s had any issues with it?

  3. very impressive look, wish we had more girls that looked like you around where im from, eau claire wisconsin sucks when it comes to body modification culture, but the piercers like me are trying our best i guess. keep up the good hot ass look girl, never turn away from it, you make us proud 😀

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