The Friday Follow-up

Can you believe the second week in February has come and gone already?  Well, with the end of another week comes another scarification follow-up.  This week’s scar is not only a follow-up, but it is also a preview for a future Friday Follow-up.

About three months ago, John did this series of flowers Froggifairy‘s leg and hip.

To see how it looks today, keep on reading.

So, it’s been three months.  Now when it comes to scarification healing, this isn’t fully healed, but it does allow you to see how things have been progressing.

As you can see, the scabs are off, but it’ll still be some time for it to settle in completely.  Given how the other scars on her legs have healed, it’s a safe bet to assume that they’ll lighten up as more time passes.

Now I mentioned earlier that there’s also a sneak preview of a future follow-up post.  Well, Froggifairy didn’t just go in to get her scars photographed; she went in to have a second session done on her legs and rear.

There are several more photos of the scars from the first and second sessions.  You can find them in John’s BME scarification portfolio gallery.

Oh, and if anyone’s been keeping track, this is the 20th edition of the follow-up.  I want to quickly thank all of the scarification artists and those with scars that keep sending in their photos.  Because of how scars heal, and that they heal differently on everyone, these follow-up posts give people a better idea of what a healed scar looks like, which is sometimes hard to tell from a fresh cutting.  So keep sending in those photos everyone, and lets go for another 20 weeks of incredible scars.

8 thoughts on “The Friday Follow-up

  1. GillyJeans what a good idea i think some good example of of more DIY work would be great,as shannon once said on the old modblog HE does support DIY work

  2. @Gilly: I’m totally up for featuring them, but there haven’t been any DIY scarification submissions in a while.

    However, when it comes to the Friday posts, it’s easier to feature artists with portfolio galleries or IAM pages because I have to go back into the archives to find the photos of the scar when it was fresh.

    @Ricky: ModBlog still supports DIY work. Feel free to submit photos of your own DIY modifications so I’ll have photos to feature.

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