BMEtv – Swirly Wanx Sinatra

This week on BMEtv we’re checking in with a couple of long time BME/IAM members, who also happen to be accomplished tattoo artists working out of Sacred Skin Tattoo in Brisbane, Australia.

In the second video today, we have Swirly Wanx Sinatra, an English tattooer that made the move to Australia a number of years ago after meeting his bride through IAM.

To check out the video, just keep on reading.

If you’ve missed any of the videos so far, you can check them out in the BME World Tour Video Gallery

2 thoughts on “BMEtv – Swirly Wanx Sinatra

  1. Stoked to see the dude Mel married!

    Question bout the videos: Why do they screw up about a third of the way into the video? The audio is fine but the picture freezes up and only shows a frame every 30 seconds or so. Weird. I’ve updated drivers and reinstalled Quicktime but it’s still the same. Perhaps it’s time for a YouTube channel?

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