Pop rocks and soda pop!

Once upon a time,  I was working in a bookstore and one of my coworkers saw my own tragus piercing and proceeded to inform me that the piercing was incredibly dangerous because there is a nerve there and if they pierce it, it will paralyze your face.  “No, there isn’t,” I said dryly, trying to extract myself from her eager jabbering.  She continued to explain that this was dangerous and then did something that I really, really hate.  She reached out and put her grubby finger on my piercing while asking, “Doesn’t that hurt?”  I actually flinched and likely responded by telling her that yes, it hurt terribly and I was in constant pain, followed by a roll of my eyes.

What’s the purpose of this trip down memory lane?  Urban legends, myths and misconceptions.  We’ve all heard them, I’m sure.  The dreaded nerve that will paralyze your entire face.  Piercing your tongue will cause you to lose all your sensation of taste.  If you have a tattoo over your spine you can’t get an epidural.  Some of them are funny, some of them are ridiculous but the point is, people believe them and that can have consequences.

BME has always tried to serve not only as a documentation of body modification but as a platform for education.  Here’s where you come in readers.  Tell me about what urban legends, myths and misconceptions you have heard regarding body modification and if you have the knowledge, feel free to also debunk the myth with solid facts.  The information we all come up with is going to be included in the new Misconceptions FAQ on the BME Wiki.

So let’s have them!  And just so you don’t think I don’t love you, here’s a gratuitous photo of a beautiful woman pulled from the moderation queue.


Meizy’s piercings were done by Mike French and Spider.  Her stone trinity spirals are by Oracle.

72 thoughts on “Pop rocks and soda pop!

  1. Someone once told me that a certain nerve in one’s lip, if pierced, would cause the whole region to go numb and possibly develop gangrene. Now, I’m not advocating self-piercing, but I did my old labret myself and nothing of the sort happened. My lip is still fine. How are so many people so specifically misinformed? Gangrene? Come on!

  2. This did happen to me. A nurse was trying to put an IV in me, and she didn’t know if she could go through my tattoo, so she asks another nurse “Can I IV her here?” and the other nurse goes “No, because the ink could go into her blood”.
    So she used a vein in my hand. Do note: I have blood tests every other week, and the needle always goes through a tattoo, and I’ve had many IV’s, quite a few of them through tattoos.
    Someone asked if the subdermal implant in my hand would “reject like a back piercing”. I asked her what she meant, and she told me about a friend she had that spent $200 on a corset done down her back with CBR’s and tried to heal it.

  3. This is a really weird one, and is most likely just something my crazy grandfather said, but I thought I should probably put it out anyway. I was watching a documentary about traditional tribal tattooing, and my grandfather said that I had to promise never to get any (too late, by far) because tattoos “block your pores, and your body wont be able to sweat or breathe.” I think it comes from not knowing how tattoos work, but still, just thought I should put it out there in case others share this odd idea.

  4. I run into a lot of “use water as hot as you can possibly stand to clean your piercing, it will get rid of your infection” myths. Someone actually did it, scalded her skin, etc… I died inside.

  5. This is one from my very anti-modification mother. She told me that if you get a tattoo anywhere on your body, the ink will seep into your bones. Whatever effect if has on your bones (ALL of them, not just the one the tattoo happens to be over) the result is you can never give bone marrow to any person/family member who would be in need of it. Then proceeded to remind me I would probably be the only match for my brother if the situation ever arose that he would need bone marrow. Where she gets it I have no idea!

  6. A few girls in my town that have microdermals in their cleavage are telling people that the jewelry screws into their sternum

  7. @6 – They actually believe their microdermal is screwed into their sternum or that’s just what they’re telling people? I have to say, I laughed out loud when I read your post.

  8. Dennis – I’ve actually heard that one too so it’s not just your grandfather. I’d forgotten about it but definitely heard it before.

  9. The back tattoo vs epidural myth really pisses me off. I have my ENTIRE back completely tattooed, and i had a spinal block (same as epidural only stronger) and I WAS FINE! Im not paralyzed.

  10. @6- I used to have a chest microdermal, and after getting tired of explaining it to every other person who saw it I started making up stuff, like it goes all the way through my chest. you’d be surprised how many people would actually believe it for a second.

  11. Same here about the microdermals -I used to have 4 on my chest, and sometimes jokingly said that they, like earrings, went straight through, “can’t you see them coming out on my back?”. Yes. They really did want to check my back. (And, if I remember correctly, I started telling this after some woman actually asked whether I had butterfly backs on them, like on normal ear studs)
    I can’t really recall any other myths, except the usual people who believed that all piercings wíll get infected, or that you actually tear instead of stretch your ears (from scratch into a big stretch in one go), that everybody with more than one visible piercing also got intimate piercings, and that piercings performed with a piercing gun are totally risk-free, because theirs healed nicely. Also, you’re totally into S&M, and it’s impossible to fly since the metal detectors must go craaazy when you pass through. Seriously, that last one gets really tiring.

  12. that people with tattoos aren’t afraid of needles. This doesn’t hold true for me. I hate getting shorts or having blood drawn. There’s a big difference between a tattoo need and the kind they draw blood with. Least thats how I feel about it

  13. when i had my vertical bridge, everyone thought they were screwed into my brain. same with most people assuming that my smiley is pierced through my gums. probably the biggest urban myth for me is that piercings are this horrible painful thing that are excrutiating to get done.

  14. i girl i once knew said that eyebrow piercings in the wrong spot will make your eyes droopy , nipple piercings will cause breast cancer ,and if you have a tattoo your in a gang . i have also heard that any male genital piercing will cause the guy to become sterile . a nurse asked my Dr if my tattoos would mess up x-rays they where taking of my head (my scalp it tattooed ). a lot of people have assumed that my knuckle tattoos say “love / hate ” because its so common , my knuckles actually say “shanwich” its sad how many people will ask what something says , instead of reading it .

  15. My piercer back when I was 18 getting my first piercings wouldn’t pierce my nipples diagonally because he said I would never be able to breastfeed. I told him I never planned on having kids but he said never say never. What a way to get around admitting you’re an incompetent piercer!

  16. I worked as a painter one summer and a guy working with me asked if I had to be careful not to get paint on my tattoos so they don’t wash off when I wash the paint off…
    I also got asked a lot if my bridge piercing went through the bone.

  17. My favorite of all time was a girl who insisted that her brother needed to have the artist make the stencil bigger because “tattoos shrink when they heal” I informed her that tattoos were in fact not the same as shrinkydinks and this would not happen.
    Another good myth you hear a lot is that you can no longer breast feed if you’ve had your nipples pierced, I know this isn’t true as my best friend has breast fed 4 children and had her nipples pierced long before having any of them, also she had the epidural right through her celtic knot work on her lower back, the nurse that did it said it made it more difficult but not impossible.

  18. The “no epidurals” thing has come up in hospitals when nurses/doctors have seen my tattoos. More than once I’ve been asked if I have my lower back done, because if so when (lol, yeah right) I have babies, they wouldn’t do an epidural.

    So yeah, there’s one hospital out there that believes it. D:

  19. I actually had an otherwise smart woman ask me if my nape surface piercing was two separate studs, that like, I dunno, meet in the middle or something I guess? I didn’t quite know what to say, surely that is obviously not the case!

  20. Here’s a good one – That eyebrow piercings grind on the brow bone structure and indent your skull if you’re wearing curved barbells. I had a 17 year old kid come in to my work with a straight barbell (pretty sure it was jewelry for a tongue piercing) through his eyebrow piercing. It was blatantly rejecting and I told him he should consider switching out his jewelry for a curved barbell. His response? “Well I heard those push in on the bone behind it and leave indents in your skull” I laughed. He’s probably having fun with his super cool-looking rejecting tongue jewelry through his face, but hey, at least its not grinding on his skull.

  21. The last time I had bloodwork done the nurse told me they wouldn’t put a needle through a tattoo because ink could get into the bloodstream. Whether that’s true or not I thought it was worth noting that it was believed and practiced by a professional.

  22. oh the amount of people that ask me if i have my gum pierced! I’m sorry but it would be very very difficult to heal a gum piercing and quite impractical. Interesting though, that’s what i get asked with my smiley, but no one asked me that when i had my frowney.

    I’ve heard that lips can paralyze you, belly buttons as well.
    Oh and the amount of people that think my ear was cut to 25mm from a stud is crazy….

  23. Not medically outrageous or anything like that, but I guess my all-time favorite would have to be the assumption that no one will hire me because of a couple facial piercings. I also like the assumption that I’m shallow because piercings are, of course, only done when people want to “stand out”.

  24. I got told by a family friend, that my tragus piercing is unsate because it can easily get infected and that the infection can spread to the bone in my skull, but I can’t remeber what she said after that. I also get told that my eyebrow piercing could paralyze half of my face because of the nerves in the eye brow (but I’m sure heaps of people have heard that), same thing will my old tongue webbing piercing (that I would l lose all feeling and sense of taste in my tongue).

  25. lets see…. what about the ‘you can go blind from an eyebrow piercing!’ and i was once informed by someone at a hairdressers (i was a naive 14 year old at the time) that you couldnt pierce ear cartilage because there’s a vein that runs at the top of your ear which would cause me to bleed to death.

    i also had a taxi driver inform me that i was really quite intelligent, was’nt i? despite all that stuff in my face.

    oh! the ignorance :) hahaha.

  26. another time i was approached by a woman, mid thirties, well dressed and articulated, in awe of my ears (or, kinda disgusted). she said ‘oh my god! your ears! is there anything that can be done for that?’ when i asked her what she was talking about she said ‘well….you were obviously born like that. can’t you have surgery?’.


  27. Some girl on a forum asked me if you would stop liking certain types of food if you had your tongue pierced because she had “heard” of a lot of people that had experienced this. (They loved chocolate and afterwards, no.) I laughed so hard I almost peed myself.
    As if piercing your tongue would cause neurological damage?

  28. Dennis, I think I know where your grandad’s myth might have come from. Everyone remember the James Bond film Goldfinger, where the girl is killed by being painted gold? Well, back when the film was made there was a strong belief that covering your body in actual paint (some said specifically paint made from gold or other metals, some said all paints) as opposed to like bodypaint and things would cause it to totally seal up your skin up, ie. the skin would no longer be able to breathe, and you would then suffocate. It was a myth so strongly believed that dancers/performers of the time who were required to paint themselves would leave a square patch unpainted somewhere on their body to counteract the suffocating nature of the paint, and the girl who played the murdered gold girl in Goldmember also had a large square patch on her stomach unpainted so she didnt die during filming. The whole myth is now largely misproved, but it seems very similar to your grandads myth.

  29. rather recently i had to have an allergy test… and as such they have to use forearms.
    now when the nurse (who doesnt like tattoos anyways) said that my left arm was out of the question i presumed it was because she wouldn’t be able to see the results of the test due to the tattoo. OK that’s fine and understandable. apparently no… she went on to tell me …. not only are tattoo’s highly dangerous especially if the ink gets into the blood but also the ink in my skin can cause a reaction with the allergy test. she carried on by telling me i should stop getting tattooed because many medical procedures need clear lines to veins and IV’s cannot be placed through a tattoo!

    i proceeded to educate her a little and then complained about her attitude to her superior. told them that if that’s the way nurses are thinking these days they need retraining!

  30. oh and i STILL get asked how i can move all my face after piercing and stretching my helix piercing because apparently that’s where the nerve is that paralyzes half your face!

  31. tobias:

    ink colours…. i have a reaction to red and green which means it does take longer to heal than say blue or black ink…. my peacock feathers on my leg are still having issues in certain areas where different green’s overlap and where the red was blended with black. the rest of the tattoo is fully healed!

  32. OMG Meizy is GORGEOUS!

    The weirdest thing I’ve heard was someone asking if they had to really pierce their tooth to have one of those little bling blings (HAHAHA) – the ones that are glued to the tooth.

    (and no. I don’t have one of those!!!)

  33. ha i wish i had a bling bling gluey thing!!! tops!

    Ah ha sooooo frequently i get ‘doesn’t that hurt’ in the present tense, regarding my stretched lobes or scarification!! -All of which quite visibly healed.

    haha and the flesh hooks- for suspending- the ones that you put jewelry in after ward, and go back through the same holes next time round! ;)

  34. In denmark its illegal to tattoo someone from the neck upp and on hands and feet.

    I talked about this with a danish guy who work as a nurse. He said that one of the reasons for the law was if you tattoo underneath your feet, you can die on the spot! This is because the nerves under the feet apparently is linked to your whole body, so if the needle hits the “heart spot” you’ll have a heart attack. And if that doesn’t kill you the intense pain will (he informed me of this as well!).

  35. Nexy – My best friend is a nurse and I’ve told her about that whole “can’t see the veins” thing one time and she said they must not be very good at doing it then because there are lots of times when you can’t rely on sight to do it. She used to work in NICU so she’s got the “skillz” when it comes to putting in an IV.

    These are great everyone, keep ‘em coming!

    @28 – It’s funny that she’d think it would target specific foods. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to hear that people claim this happened to them because I think there are people who will imagine something is true and convince themselves that they experienced when it comes to piercings and tattoos. Not that there is anything wrong with them other than an overactive imagination and being gullible.

  36. Besides the usual one where people lecture me on my “clit” and nipple piercings desensitizing me completely (nevermind that VCH’s don’t go through clits), the only other one that comes to mind is hearing a couple times that my regular 14 ga septum will block my nasal passages completely and I’ll never be able to breath through my nose.

    Oh and even though it was mentioned already, I’ll mention it again… It’s really tiring to have people assume that you’re head over heels for pain and BDSM and self injury etc. just because you have one or more piercings. Ugh. (Okay, even though it’s true some of the time, for some people, I just don’t like general assumptions. :) )

  37. I had an IV through a tattoo once, on the inside of my left elbow. She did ask if it was alright that she put the IV in there, she said “I don’t want to leave a hole there.” I assume she meant in case the needle left a mark or something. She was really sweet about it, and I told her it was fine. ^_^ And it didn’t leave a mark at all. She didn’t seem to know anything about “can’t IV through tattoos” or anything like that, which was refreshing.

    I was told once that my Dahlia piercings would paralyze my mouth, making it so I couldn’t eat at all. I was told the same thing about how helix piercings could kill/paralyze you because of the apparent nerve/vein up there. Same with the tragus. I once had some idiot teenage girl tell me she was getting an industrial because she heard you could get radio stations off it so she’d always have something to listen to. ROFL.

    I’ve heard the epidural through tattoos myth came up because back in the old days when tattoo inks weren’t as safe as they were now, they could potentially cause problems if pushed into the spine/bloodstream. I also asked a nurse friend of mine about this. She said the only reason she hesitates when doing epidurals on people with lower back tattoos is because they could potentially leave marks/spots in the tattoo, ruining them and then the people sue the hospital, etc. Not sure how true that is, but it’s at least a bit more believable than some of the other crap people come up with.

  38. I’m surprised no one mentioned that oldie but goodie – if you’re a male who’s got your right ear pierced, it means that you’re gay.

    I’m surprised that there are still medical ‘professionals’ who believe that you can’t run an IV through a tattoo. I’ve had an IV through tattooed skin, and had blood drawn numerous times from veins right under tattooed skin. In my case, it would be pretty difficult NOT to. Oh and it didn’t kill me, either.

  39. I now have several genital piercings, and I started with a Christina. When I got my second (a VCH), so many people I mentioned it to asked me “But what else is there to pierce?” as if there is only one spot that you can pierce down there.

  40. Just the other day there were a bunch of girls in my shop all giggling and talking about navel piercings. One piped up “oh no I would never get that done. It can stop you getting pregnant later on”

    What the hell

  41. I’ve heard too many strange things throughout the years.
    I’m so tired of the whole “So, what happens when you’re around magnets? Or when you try to pass through metal detectors?”. Ugh.
    People believe very often that the bridge piercing passes through the actual bone. I’ve heard this from plenty of modded people as well, surprisingly.

    I’ve been asked by a nurse if it’s possible to eat with all these piercings, or if it hurts too much to chew (I have 5 in my lip).
    “..yeah, I’m still alive, am I not?”. What else do you reply, seriously?

  42. I got pulled over on my way to work a few months ago and the officer didn’t want to believe that I work for the Police dept being that I have “so much metal in my face”. I was in my uniform (i’m a civilian working for the PD at the warrants bureau, not a sworn officer but still) wearing my ID badge and he still had to call in to the office to confirm what I was telling him. What’s funny is I only had my Nose stud (tiny tiny nose stud) and my silicone Labret retainer in, my septum retainer doesn’t show and I have nondescript plugs in my ears but I was apparently too modified looking for his idea of a county employee.

  43. I hate when people tell me that MRIs will tear out your piercings.
    I had back issues and only on my third MRI was I allowed to leave them in.
    The tech told me that the only good reason to take out a piercing is because it could distort the image.
    Not sure how true this is but I can definatly vouch that none of my piercings went flying into the machine!

  44. I am so frequently asked if my cheek piercings are one long ass barbell that go from one end of my mouth to the other. I feel like if people would just take a minute to think about what they were asking me, common sense would sink in (I hope). I mean, if it were a lengthy barbell from one end of my mouth to the other, how could I eat, smile comfortably, talk, etc? Sigh.

  45. i had a lady ask me “What do your lip piercings mean?” so i asked her to clarify, so she proceeded to inform me that one side means your straight and one side means your gay! lol i had heard boys in like second grade tease each other that way about their ears but really? a grown adult? wow… also a lot of people ask if my 7/8ths lobes “go all the way through” im like… uh yeah… and when i was about 15 a woman told me i would get mercury poisoning from my lip rings…lol

  46. @ gabbe

    omg! seriously???

    jesus…well…I think someone should tell those that have ALOT of coverage…and im thinking lucky diamond here…that maybe he should get the soles of his feet touched up anymore :P

    I get the classic…magnets and metal detectors all the time…as well as the “can I stick things through your ear?” crap too….

    also I get asked if my right ear was torn out in a fight….its always a damn fight as well..never anything else…see I overstretched my right and it tore…but nope…according to everyone in the universe it was ripped out in a manly fight lol

    oh and I do get alot of “What tribe are you in” because I have a full facial moko STYLE tattoo…I have to correct alot of people who ask that it was a custom design by myself and my artist and that im not in any kind of african tribe…yes…they think african tribes…never Polynesian or similar tribes…always african….like africa is the only place for tribes lol….OH yea….its also a gang tattoo I was informed a month back by a supposed ‘gang’ member in my city lol…

  47. I have 10 microdermals on my chest and constantly get crap from people who think they know better. Especially becuase I am pregnant at the moment and have check-ups at the local public hospital once a fortnight. I have officially been named “the girl with the piercings” by receptionist-from-hell.

    The best I have had so far, though, are in relation to my tongue piercing:

    – It will give me blood poisioning

    – It will give me tongue cancer (I tried to ask how they got this idea as stainless steel is not known to cause cancer but they just kept spurting out so much BS that I gave up)

    More common ones:

    – Did I stick my microdermals on for a special occasion? How do they stay in? What are they? Wouldn’t it look cool if you ?

    – Does my vertical labret go through my bottom lip?

    – How much dental damage have my oral piercings done? (None so far, becuase I got them fitted properly)

  48. I recently got a pair of microdermals on the outsides of my eyes, and I get a myriad of questions. My favorite inquiry was, “Aren’t you afraid you’ve hit your optical nerve and you might go blind?”

    Really? I had no idea my optic nerve stretched across the side of my face! Sigh.

    Another myth I’ve heard is that you should never get a tongue piercing, because you could pierce the vein that runs under your tongue and bleed to death. I’ve heard the epidural myth a lot too, as well as the IV/tattoo myth. Where do kids get this stuff? :)

  49. The one I hear most often is the myth that people who get tattooed or pierced are obviously doing it for the attention (or shock value, to stand out, etc.).

    It never ceases to amaze me how quick some people are to assume that they have you figured out.

  50. Read all these posts above and wanna mention some more “obvious truth”:

    1. Jewelry made of silver could kill bacterias and recommended (!) for initial piercings.
    Probably this myth came from Soviet Union times when any “professional-like” piercing wasn’t available, and bunch of information like this came from gold and silver jewelry manufacturers. Also major part of people was too bad educated to think about reaction between material and body.

    2. Golden jewelry will help your body to heal piercing if you get problems with it.
    One source this myth could came from – legend about golden surgery stitches which they use in plastic surgery (such stitches could make you younger and help the body to heal wounds without the scars). But I’m not sure.

    3. One more myth about jewelry materials – any titanium jewelry is a good choice for body piercing. I mean, people don’t care about polishing and grades of titanium, they think if this is titanium – this is the greatest body jewelry in the world automatically.

    4. Popular episode from “Mythbusters” about tongue piercing that could catch lightnings during the thunderstorm. Must see.

    5. One day I’ve met a woman who started talking me about my labret piercing. I wear spike attachment, and this woman said that I’m cutting her energy sphere with my spike when I turn my face to her side, ’cause my spoke works like a sword. I was shoked about such kind of explanation of body piercing.

    6. If you got tongue piercing and drink beer, you can cause yeast growing inside of the piercing channel.

    7. Lobes under 5 mm will shrink to 0 mm by themselves. Popular myth among the people who like “reversibility” of piercing.

    8. Titanium and surgical steel are the same material. No comments.

    9. Piercing is just a fashion and this fashion will die VERY soon. And thousands years of piercing history don’t matter anything.

    10. Microdermals collect X-rays during the radiography and this could cause radiation sickness. What a funny.

    I hope this is enough for one time : )) If I recall something more, I’ll post it here. Have fun!

  51. The piercer who did almost all my piercings told me he wouldn’t do my tongue web because I could end up beeing unable to move my tongue for the rest of my life.. so I had to do it myself because I knew it was bullshit, and i haven’t had such a problem since (it was 2 1/2 years ago).

    Before I got my very first “real” piercing, I wanted a labret piercing so bad for years and my dad told me that it could paralyse the muscles of my entire face forever !

    And one time in school when I was still naive about the whole piercing thing, a friend told me that her mother said “don’t get a helix piercing, there’s an optic nerve in there and you could go blind!” I think that it’s by far the funniest thing I’ve ever heard !

  52. One woman told me that lip piercings can causes herpes.
    Heard from few people (including russian journalists) that transdermal implats are screwed into the bone.

  53. Sergey – I’d be willing to bet the “gold is better for healing piercings” myth has a lot to do with metal allergies and the fact that those piercing studs you can buy at the mall are made from cheap metals and cause reactions in a lot of people. People don’t realize that the jewellery used in good piercing shops is not the same grade of metal you get at the mall stores.

  54. @ 41
    i have those two as well, and in this small city it’s apparently fact that I have my clit pierced. The amount of people that state to me that i have my clit pierced is crazy. It’s a huge and horrid misconception the the only part of your genitals that can be pierced is your clit. It rather annoys me and I find it hard to not speak to these people like they are morons.

  55. The Myth about not doing IVs through tattoos is interesting because I’ve always heard about needle junkies getting tattoos on the inside of their elbows to hide the track marks, a rose there being “a rose that wont bloom in the spring” being my favorite. Of all the things that kill needle junkies, I don’t think ink poisoning is that high on the list.

    Most things people ask like “is that that big all the way through?” and, “is that stuck in the side of your face?” Those aren’t really myths. They are generally just people without knowledge on the subject being curious. As long as the people aren’t being mean spirited about it, I think we should indulge that curiosity. I’m sure plenty of modded people ask stupid questions without thinking, or am I alone in that?

  56. A few years back, I was considering having my tongue split. A student nurse *dumb bitch* that was married to another guy in my unit * I was in the army during said time* said that I would lose all my sense of taste and that it could never be reversed. I told her that she was wrong, but everyone agreed with her only because she was a tremendous bitch, and was going drunk and more likely to start a fight.

  57. every time anyone asks about weather my ears will shrink back to normal i keep telling them yes, it saves me having to justify why i’ve stretched my ears and how and all the other questions.

    i keep getting the inevitable ‘does it hurt?’ and i’ve been asked if my septum piercing goes through bone.

  58. the whole “dont pierce your tongue because theres a vein running through it and you will bleed to death” I think stems from the fact that obviously there are 2 main veins running either side of the middle…but on some people these can be closer to the center than on others and if your piercer is inexperienced they will just pierce without bothering to check..

    hell we had a girl come into the studio I worked at once…she had a tongue piercing done (at another studio I might add) but the piercer didnt check and she was basically spitting blood…..what had happened was she was one of the unlucky ones and had the veins run very close to the center…and the bar had just worn its way through the very small area to catch the vein…she was ok in the end…we removed the bar and her tongue healed up she later came back for venoms instead…

    So yea I can see HOW that myth got there….but bleed to bleed to death? very very unlikely unless your piercer was that stupid and just randomly stabbed you…maybe in the neck lol

  59. a nose piercing on L/R side means you’re a lesbian was a common one at my high school

    tattoo ink is a toxin, containing heavy metals (actually i think maybe red ink does have mercury in it…?) and your body will never function at its optimum again because of this

    crust means infection

    facial piercings/tattoos on young people are always the result of immaturity and bad thinking – the “you’ll regret it” factor. apparently even those people with small tattoos in private places will always wish they hadn’t had it done since only ‘old’ people can know their body and themselves enough to make such a decision.

  60. I have 1″ lobes(only piercings) and am very heavily tattooed. I’ll do mine in point form. Here goes:

    -I can’t take my earrings out. Only a professional piercer with special tools can do this.

    -The tissue on the inside of my earlobe has never healed and I’m in constant pain.

    -through age, gravity, and jewelry my earlobes will probably be somewhere near the ground in my later years.

    -Eventualy my tattoos will be indiscernible blobs because you’re skin changes that much as you age.

    -You can’t tattoo your palms

    -Coloured pigment is more painful than black ink when applied and vice versa.

    -All heavily tattooed/modded people LOVE pain.

    -All heavily tattooed/modded people are into fetish, bdsm, etc.

    -That I want to see your shitty tattoo.

    -That I paid too much for mine.

    -No matter what we’ll all have a change of heart and reget this later. WHAT WILL WE DOOOO?!?!?!? hahaha

  61. My housemate recently told me that when people put plugs in their ears, it rots the skin away. That’s why they smell so bad. I tried to be tactful and say “I’m not sure that’s true, it’s a stretching process that takes advantage of skin’s naturally stretchyness” and she was pretty sure I was wrong. I didn’t push it.

    It’s less of a misconception, but I get the ‘did it hurt’ question a lot. I say ‘of course it did, that’s part of the point [for me].’ That tends to take people aback…I think they want to hear that either a) it hurt but I got through it because I’m strong/image is that important to me or b) it didn’t hurt at all. I try to explain the whole endorphin thing, mixed with the fact that when things get overwhelming, I use mods (primarily piercings) to bring my focus back, but they’ve either stopped listening or don’t believe me.

  62. that by having my dick pierced i am compensating for something.

    even if that were true, heck yea why wouldnt i want to make sex better?

  63. –People constantly ask if my split tongue is natural, as if I just happened to be born that way! And the expectation that everyone will instantly see it when I talk!

    –Also, the classic idea that the more exotic the piercing, the more it must hurt.. God, my tongue split hurt, sure, but the only thing to have ever made me shed a tear was getting my nostril pierced!

    –My partner works in a court, and the security guys always look startled when her abundance of piercings don’t set off the metal detectors..

    –The assumption that having your penis pierced, however it is done, is a Prince Albert, like there isn’t anything else to be done down there, same with having a VCH means that it’s through your clit..

    –You’ll regret that when you’re older!

  64. I had a pharmacist say that I was going to regret all my tattoos, he was going to get into the laser removal business and he’d remove all my tattoos for $50,000.
    I asked for my prescription back and went to another pharmacy, and haven’t gone back to that one. He wants to be an asshole, well, my prescriptions are about $1000 (paid by insurance) a month.

    One thing I thought myself, was that you had to remove all piercings for ECT (shock therapy, yes they still do it, yes it worked). I removed a few piercings, and surprisingly the ECT doctor told me I could leave everything in except for my tongue piercings. So a bit backwards there!

  65. Just a quick note for #53 Sergey about the whole silver-myth.

    I don’t know if silver is recommended as a starting jewellery for piercings, but it is true that silver in the colloidal form is a bactericide. Colloidal silver has been used in bandages when treating surgical wounds to protect them from infection :-)
    http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15126971 (link to an article concerning the use of silver in wound care. Only the abstract can be read for free though.)

    On topic. I’ve usually gotten the “Don’t you Frighten all the patients?!?!?!” question. Mainly from older nurses or doctors when I’m at school/during clinic or at work. I always tell them “Nope, apparently the only people I make uncomfortable are elderly nurses and doctors.” Which -so far- is the truth. I’ve never had problems with patients, only with nurses and other doctors. Apparently it’s not possible to be simultaneously smart/career-minded and modified.

    Besides that I also get the “Does that go All the Way through?” about my 20 mm lobes (just shy of 1″ if I remember it correctly)
    And back when I had four dermals by the sides of my eyes people always thought that they went from one side of my face to the other… Sigh.

  66. I gave birth at the end of January via c-section, and asked about the epidural/spinal and lower back tattoo thing, since I have ink covering most of my lower back. They told me that they won’t give the spinal or epidural through ink (at this hospital), but would either try to work around it, or else make a tiny incision through the layers of skin that have ink, before putting in the spinal (tiny enough that it wouldn’t need stitches, just a Steri-Strip, maybe). They don’t have proof either way about ink molecules going into spinal fluid, so have to be safe, but spinals and epidurals can be done. They were able to work around my ink, no incision needed. Lawsuits for tattoo damage aren’t an issue, since I had to sign to give informed consent first – obviously, I knew I had a tattoo there, so damage is at least a remote possibility most people would tend to think about, and in my case, decide that it was worth risking it to be awake for the birth.

  67. okay so i have a question, i want to get my cartilage done but i dont have the money for it, my friend has done hers and she will do mine, if she does do this could i have a chance of getting my face or ear paralyzed?

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