For love of play

Playing with needles, or just piercings in general, is a huge aspect of our community.  Couples play with each other, some do it for the aesthetics, and others do it just for themselves.  In any case, play piercings are a staple of ModBlog and the modified world.  While I was tempted to go and find a play piercing in a heart shape, I thought this photo suited today much better than just another heart shaped modification.

The girls are stunning, and the photo gives off a circus type vibe.  Yet at the same time, with the colors and the subject matter, a case can easily be made for this photo to be relevant to Valentines day, even if it’s just to showcase a pair of women showing off their appreciation of play piercings.

This was sent in by the photographer, SweetNausea, who herself was the subject of a love related ModBlog post last year.  Lliezel Ellick from Wildfire Piercing in Cape Town, South Africa did the piercings.

One thought on “For love of play

  1. Thanks for posting my work again, makes me smile!

    Just so you know, the girls in the image are a couple, even more appropriate for Valentine’s :P


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