For love…

Well to wrap up today’s “love” theme, here’s a couple of IAMers, who met and fell in love thanks to BME.

On the right is ILoveHanson, and on the left is Adrian.

They’re just one of many happy couples that have met through BME.  You can see more in the couples who met through BME gallery.

Have a happy Valentine’s day everyone.

9 thoughts on “For love…

  1. this “for the love of..” – posts really made my day! <3
    i don’t have any special someone this year, and my last one dumped me at valentine’s day some years ago.. Thank you for the nice posts, Rob =)

    Anyone out there; take care of those/what u love =)

  2. okay, they are the cuteness, complete with snow and perfect red hair. and I, alone but loved on this day really hopes in a year to give you guys a pic to post with my inked boy, and my stretchy ears!!!

    but for now…awwww.


    yay. happy singles awareness day.

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