Take that Batman, The Penguin is taking over!

I know, I know I failed to provide you guys with the much anticipated follow up to the first installation of The Cadaver Chronicles . For that, I am extremely sorry. For some odd reason BME’s wordpress site sometime’s chooses to deny me access for a few days. Then it, out of nowhere, will forgive me for whatever transgressions I may have imposed upon it, and it lets me back in. I decided to putt Cliff’s piece up Friday, and just get back on schedule with that.

However, since I managed to log in, why not post something and if I am going to post something why not some penguins? Really, after that whole March of the Penguins movie, and Bob Saget’s spoof of it, who doesn’t love these waddling little creatures?



I am sure some of the modblog readers are already picking these pieces apart and condemning me for even posting this quality of tattooing to Modblog. However, sometimes there is more to a tattoo then just the finished piece, sometimes who did the piece makes up for a lack of technical prowess.  For a look at the “man” responsible for these pieces, keep on keeping on….

Oh you coy fox you. I can’t get anything buy you can I? You noticed right off the bat that the word “man” was in quotes, and you quickly figured out it wasn’t a man at all that did these pieces. But if not a man, then what?

Well, what better to do a tattoo of a penguin than a penguin person?


No! Not that penguin!

THIS penguin, my buddy Penguin Boy!


With no arms, and two left hands I think Penguin Boy did a pretty killer job on these pieces, what do you guys think?

12 thoughts on “Take that Batman, The Penguin is taking over!

  1. That is pretty cool … I would totally be down for a tattoo from him. I think it would ne fascinating to talk to him and see how he is able to tattoo.

  2. lol epic. my first thought was someone trying to tattoo with their feet. Which I wanna do btw if anyone is interested….lol

  3. ive been friends with jason for several years and am so proud to see another article on him and his many talents, i just texted him to let him know i saw it and how proud i am of him- i remember when he first started talking about wanting to get into tattooing and i didnt even ask how he planned to do it because i know for a face he can do everything that the rest of us can, he just does things a little different. love u jason!

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