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When it comes to scarification pieces, sometimes a detailed cutting isn’t what the person being scarred wants.  Sickpuppie here had his scars done by Kelly D, which fit nicely with his series of five microdermals.  Asymmetrical pieces such as this always evoke reactions from people, either positive or negative, simply because the human brain is wired to look for symmetry.  Combining the asymmetry with a minimalistic design really makes this project stand out as something fairly unique.

It also looks like one of his nipple piercings is diagonal while the other is horizontal.  You can see more scars, both minimal and elaborate in the scarification galleries.

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  1. Love the microdermals, and the scars are gorgeous. Though I’m biased about the scars, as my boyfriend has an almost identical (naturally-occurring) set.

  2. He has such gorgeous collarbones!

    I like it as it works well with the microdermals, so it doesn’t seem odd that it’s not symmetrical.

    …although the lack of symmetry of the nipple piercings does irk me!

  3. I like the microdermals and piercings, but the placement of the scars bugs my eye just a bit. In theory i like it :)

  4. hey dewi,

    kom gezellig weer eens langs…

    @ all

    thanks for all your reactions…
    K’D did some more on me… we wil sent some more fore you to see…


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