Sitting on top of the world

A little while back, the gang from Ascension Body Mods got together for some suspensions.  Below you can check out Lesha.FFG hanging out in the warm New Mexico sun.  You might recognize Lesha from her unique scarification that was featured a couple of years ago.

After some discussion with Sean and TrickyDick, we decided to name this “The Invisible Chair”.  Of course if there is another name for it, please let me know as the three of us couldn’t think of it.

Anyway, Steve was the one who threw the hooks for Lesha, and he was also the one to cut down her legs so she could transition into a suicide.  For those of you who have never seen a transition before, keep on reading as Steve sent in a video of the transition.

There are a lot more videos available in the video galleries, and as you can see by this video, they’re not all related to the hard galleries.  So if you’ve got some videos you’d like to submit, send them in!

8 thoughts on “Sitting on top of the world

  1. Nice to see the Ascension guys (and girls) featured here – it’s been way too long! That looks like it’s been a fun suspension!

  2. Tobias, the shop is on the corner of a really busy intersection here in Albuquerque. It’s set back from the street by the parking lot a bit, but people driving by would have easily been able to see her, which is awesome

  3. i thought it was just called a chair suspension.
    its a fun one to have someone swing you around on.
    invisible chair sounds cooler though

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