A sad farewell..

As you’ve probably heard by now an earthquake hit Christchurch, New Zealand yesterday.  Among those who lost their lives was tattoo artist Matti Makeekan from Southern Ink.  Details haven’t been made clear, but I’ve been told he was at the studio when portions of the building collapsed.  Our thoughts are with the Makeekan family, and all those affected by this tragedy.

Photo courtesy Athenic, one of the bands Matti played bass for.

If you’re interested in helping out those affected by the quake, the New Zealand Herald has a page set up listing all the ways people can help, both local and foreign.

21 thoughts on “A sad farewell..

  1. words cannot express how devastating this has been for us over here in nz.
    so on that note, thank you so much for the support, bme!
    my condolences to Matti’s family, and to everyone who has been affected in any way by this tregedy.
    much love, new zealand.

  2. Today is a very sad day for all of us here in NZ. Everyone walking around is looking very solemn. It is amazing just how much something like this can effect us all. My thought are of course with everyone in Christchurch and with people with loved ones there. It’s all just so heavy

  3. Matti was a great guy. He lost nearly all his possessions in the Sept earthquake, but bounced back with his usual verve and love of life, and did what he could to help others after that quake.

    A talented musician and artist, with an infectious attitude towards any unfortunate circumstances, Matti always had time and a smile for people.

    You’ll be missed dearly, bro. Glad I got a chance to be living canvas for you.

  4. Matti.. I love you bro.. you loved life so much and you have such an amazing aura. As soon as you got to the party you rocked it. Peace be with you brother. You are so talented man.

  5. ^^ Everything that Hayden said..

    I met Matti in 2006 when he and my husband were working together in a cafe/ roastery in Christchurch. We’ve always kept in contact over the years and he always made time to stop and chat.

    We were stoked when he got his job at Southern Ink and eagerly volunteered our skin as canvas for him to practice on. I was lucky enough to get inked by him, he tattooed the word “love” on the back of my neck.. I will wear that word in his memory for the rest of my life..

    I was pregnant at the time we met and he has been a fairly big part of our little boy’s life (now 4), he really wanted Matti to tattoo an “angry duck” (yeah, I know ?!) for him when he was a grown up, so he could have a tattoo and be like mum n dad.. he always made us stop in at Southern Ink or on the street so he could do “exploding bones” with Matti.. how do I tell him he’s gone??

    Matti, you have touched so many lives.. your memory will live on in the hearts and on the skin of many. Losing our possessions pales in comparison to losing you. My heart goes out to your family and friends R.I.P xxx

  6. my condoleances to his family , his friends, and all of people who loved him as a tattoo artist , i don’t know this guy , but everyone who’s live ended in such a way should get some respect …

    mother nature is cruel … but u gotta know that nature always searches for a balance , earthquakes , tsunami , volcano errupts, hurricanes , etc … are all not directly related to life on earth , that’s the reason there will always be these sorts of things or new disseases , everytime we find a cure a new dissease will come ,

    mankind is smart , but we can’t beat mother nature 🙂

  7. re: VAREVINC What the hell?

    “mother nature is cruel … but u gotta know that nature always searches for a balance , earthquakes , tsunami , volcano errupts, hurricanes , etc … are all not directly related to life on earth , that’s the reason there will always be these sorts of things or new disseases , everytime we find a cure a new dissease will come”

    Um, no. That Gaia shit is a load of hippy crap. What happened in Christchurch isn’t the Earth seeking balance, and you can’t anthropomorphise it as a way to attribute blame any more than delusional Christians who blaspheme a non-existent diety for their woes.

    Bad things happen. It’s absolutely tragic and I think everyone here in Aotearoa is feeling some form of anguish. But the blame for this can’t be attributed to anything other than us building cities on/near fault lines. Wellington should be pulling on their shirts collars nervously because they’re above it too.

    I take solace in the fact that so many countries are offering help/aid. Just this morning it was reported that 10,000 students have banded together through a call made through social networking sites to help out in any way they can. There’s hope yet.

  8. I live 2 hours south of Christchurch and the first thing everyone thought when we felt here was what the impact on Christchurch would be. I think everyone instintively knew we wouldn’t get off as lightly as last time; and it was luck last time. It’s so surreal hearing about all of this and directly knowing many people in the city myself, it was a scary day. It’s awful and unfair and this is the absolute last thing Christchurch needs.
    The very fine silver lining is it was very heartwarming watching footage of everyday suits and office workers and all the rest all helping out — pulling rubble aside, climbing ladders, giving CPR. People that would have otherwise never talked to each other in their lifetime, are banding together to help out. It’s a bittersweet thing to see.
    Much love to Matti and everyone that has lost loved ones — or still doesn’t know where they are.

  9. re:13… You don’t have to apologise to me for being an atheist, I find it to be admirable. I am, unapologetically, one myself. But your “balance factor” crap was in pretty bad taste. Offering condolences and leaving it at that would have been more appropriate.

    Death toll currently stands at 103 with 226 missing. It’s just a horrible situation and the severity of it is really starting to hit home for me as stories from rescuers are coming out. A urologist from Australia had to slip in next to a man whose legs were trapped under rubble and used a Swiss army knife and hacksaw to amputate both legs. That urologist was traumatised and had to return to Australia. I feel so sorry for the amputee but also for that urologist. A lot of people are going to be feeling this for a very long time.

  10. Matti was a great guy, friendly and always smiling. My heart goes out to his friends, family, and anyone who has been touched by him. He will always be remembered, in the hearts of all who were fortunate enough to meet him.

    Kia Kaha, Christchurch. Stay strong.

  11. Matti you were an optimist to the extreme and lived with the passion of thousands. you will be greatly missed in the garden city and those that were lucky to have met you and those who were blessed to call you a friend will be sad to know you are no longer around. condolences to his family and those who loved him. peace bro

  12. Matti…. i love you, this hurts too much, such a good soul lost…wish you could just come back to us, we miss you sooo much :’(

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