Make a wish

If you wished for another amazing scar by Brian, then consider your wish fulfilled.

This dandelion cutting was done in conjuncture with a low setting hyfrecator branding.  This isn’t the only cutting/branding combo Brian has done, so head over to his BME portfolio gallery and check the rest out.

14 thoughts on “Make a wish

  1. This is amazing.
    Does anyone know of any scarification/branding artists in and or around the Detroit area or even in/by Michigan?
    I plan on getting something done this summer but can’t find anyone who does such work.

  2. Even if i don´t like scarifications that much…the accuracy of this cutting is astonishing, respect !

  3. This is officially my favorite scarification piece I’ve ever seen. Amazing! I, also, would love to see this as it heals.

  4. Mikael:

    if you are in Detroit it would be worth the drive to NYC to get your cutting from Brian. he’s that good.
    and im not his buddy or anything, i think that last time i saw him he wanted to kick my ass.

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