A BME family needs our help

A couple of days ago, tragedy befell two long time members of our community.  A fire broke out at the home of Breeze and Ubuntu, two long time BME members and supporters, and completely destroyed their home.  The family was able to make it out with the clothes on their back but everything else was lost.  In addition to losing their home, they also lost all but one of their pets (2 dogs, 5 cats, a rat, and a ferret).

Breeze and Derek have helped a good number of BME members over the years, and today they need your help.  There are a number of ways that you can help out.  For starters, there is a facebook group that is being updated regularly by both friends and family.  As I mentioned before, they were only able to get out with the clothes on their back, so donations of any necessities are more than welcome.

For those thinking of donating clothes, here are the family’s sizes:

1-2 xs

Shoes 10
Pants 32 or 34 w 32 L

38 w 32 L xl shirt
Shoes 11

Shoes 7-8
Girls 14

Shoes 6
Boys 12

Breeze adds: “NEEDS: If anyone has any sort of extra luggage- suitcases, duffel bags etc… even if they are old as long as they are in usable condition, it would help to move the clothes and items we have received. Boxes would also help. It also occurred to me that we need to start cleaning up in the next week or so and to do that we’ll need shovels, rakes, garbage bags, work gloves…things like that. Thank you so much♥”

For those who are able to give financially, donations can be made via paypal to [email protected]  Any donations there will go directly into the Dunham’s family chequing  account.  If you would prefer to send a check, they are currently staying here:

Breeze and Derek Dunham
3921 Lawndale Pl
Greensboro, NC 27455

That is also the address to send any physical donations.

At this point the family doesn’t have a lot, so any donation of anything, or amount, will be a big help.

I’ll try to keep this post updated with any specific needs the family may have.

7 thoughts on “A BME family needs our help

  1. don’t normally get involved in the discussions but this is a shame, I just donated, can’t afford it for shit but at the end of the day me having a bad weeks food shopping is nothing is it in comparisson. If everyone who reads it gives £10 then that’ll be a big help to these guys. Have heart.
    fitch x

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