I’m kinda lazy…

I used to spend my days perusing the BME image galleries searching for great content for modblog. Then Rob came along and lifted that burden off my shoulders, allowing me to focus on interviews and features that truly interest me.  However, Rob’s got a lot on his plate right now so I figured I should get back on board and stop being such a lazy tits……Then I realized I can’t even call myself “Lazy Tits” because apparently CarefuliBite has the trademark on that phrase, at least that’s what I gather from seeing her tattoo.


Tattoo by Mark Skipper of TRX Tattoos in Saint Louis, MO.

18 thoughts on “I’m kinda lazy…

  1. Not to rag on anybody else, as there is a good crew there, but seeing a new post from you meant there would always be great content. I would love to see more posts from you, but please don’t drop the bar.

  2. Holy crap! I can’t believe one of my tattoos got on ModBlog! This is so awesome! Kudos to Mr. Skipper at TRX! Thanks for posting this. Totally made my day!

  3. @hulld I appreciate the comment and am sorry if this post disappointed you. The fact is though as simple of a design as this is; the lettering is clean, the placement is creative and the statement is humorous. All of which are things that appeal to me. I obviously can’t please everyone, so I keep it simple now and make post that please myself and hope that others will appreciate them. Maybe this one’s not for you, but obviously some others enjoyed it and so the cycle continues.

  4. @Sean Philips
    Apologies, I was a bit tired and cranky there. I don’t think it is a bad post and it’s certainly not a bad tattoo. Spoiled child with great and different content, I guess.

  5. Is that a birthmark next to the “TM”? I have a matching one, right on the edge of my similarly placed tattoo!

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