Efix Down Under

That tiny frenchman we all love is currently slicing and dicing his way across Australia.  While on the road sticking things into, and cutting things off of people, he’s taking pictures and sending them our way.  In his most recent cutting, Efix took some scars that were already present and crafted this incredible Quan Yin.

Keep an eye on Efix’s BME portfolio gallery for the latest updates from his adventures in Oz.

9 thoughts on “Efix Down Under

  1. She got an amazing chin stripe as well. She is tougher than nails that woman.

  2. I think that was brought up in the article, the fact that the individual had pre-existing scars that were elaborated on by the artist.

    Very clean piece, the details look like they took a few many moments to cut out, love the piece think it’s great!

  3. EEEEEEEEEEEE! Myf and Efix made such beautiful art- she was tough as fuck and got a matching chin scar, which I really hopes heals beautifully!

    They both totally deserve this feature- such ludicrously awesome people, the two of them! <3

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