Kipod Tattoo pt.3

Today we’re going to be taking a look at the works of Michael Kozlenko, one of the many talented artists from Kipod Tattoo and Piercing in Tel Aviv.  We’ve featured works from Michael before, as well as other artists from Kipod.  Over the course of today you’ll be able to see a small preview of some of the many works that can be found in the Kipod Tattoo Portfolio.

In this, the third of four posts, were going back to a portrait tattoo.  While the subject of the last portrait was somewhat traditional, this one is a bit more modern.

Looking up at the top right corner of the photo you can make out what appears to be a revolver sticking into the girl’s head.  This could mean this piece is just the start of a much larger one.

2 thoughts on “Kipod Tattoo pt.3

  1. This piece is wonderful. My first thought was that the woman was so beautiful, and then I noticed the tear and the gun and it made me sad. I would love to see this piece when it’s finished.

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