To wrap up today’s look at the artists of Tattoo Temple, we have something by the shop’s founder, Joey Pang.  As I’ve mentioned in the past Joey has years of training in Chinese calligraphy under her belt, which she combines with her natural artistic flair to created works of art that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.  Every brush stroke is carefully considered both in terms of the character being depicted, as well as how it will fit on a person’s body.  While anyone can walk into a shop and get some form of Kanji flash off of a wall, when you go to Joey you know that what you’re getting will mean exactly what you want it to.

Tale of Two Fishies – Part 1

Continuing with today’s Tattoo Temple marathon, we’ve got what’s Joey Pang is calling “Tale of Two Fishies – Part 1″.  Normally this is the part where I say you’ll see part 2 later on in the day, but it appears that part 2 isn’t finished just yet, so you’ll have to wait a while before you get to see it.  In the meantime you can enjoy part 1.  It’s worth noting that while you don’t see any of Joey’s signature calligraphy in the photo, her tattooing techniques still reflect her ability to transform a tattoo machine into a brush.

Back to the Temple

It’s been a while since we’ve had a Tattoo Temple day, and with all three Tattoo Temple artists submitting artwork over the weekend, what better time than now for a new one.  Today’s first post features a tattoo by the artist we normally don’t see a lot of, Jamie.  Not sure the reason why as the artwork is clearly up to Tattoo Temple standards, but when compared to Joey and Wang, Jamie just doesn’t have as many images in the galleries.

Mean Green Machine Adverts

This photograph of Polish piercer Kamil at work is superb — a great choice for this ad poster for Mean Green Machine, the Zabrze tattoo shop that he works at (which can also be found online at www.meangreenmachine.pl. The second photo, this one promoting their tattooists, is stunning as well. I wouldn’t normally just reprint ads here, but for these beauties I think it’s worth making an exception. You can of course click them to see them full size.



Event at Kings Ave Tattoo NYC

Happen to be in New York City right now? Then you may want to check this out! I was just sent the following press release and I’m sharing it with you:


On Wednesday May 18th, Kings Ave Tattoo NYC and Inked Magazine will be hosting seminal SoCal punk-rockers Face To Face and tattoo artist Corey Miller of L.A. Ink fame for an exclusive in-store event.

The band will be signing copies of their latest album Laugh Now, Laugh Later with MILLER who designed the album’s artwork. Meet the band and the artist, get your copy of the CD, vinyl and artwork signed and enter for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the Face To Face show that night at the Best Buy Theater!

Kings Ave Tattoo NYC is located at 188 Bowery (at Spring Street) in New York City. This event starts at 5pm.

And don’t forget to submit your photos to BME too!

New Kings Avenue Tattoo Shop

The following press release found me and I’m passing it on to you.  If you’re lucky enough to live in the area or maybe you’re taking a trip to New York City, this is definitely a shop you’ll want to check out.

Check out some of the work by Mike Rubendall and Grez and the press release that follows after the jump. Be sure to check out their shop’s site for work by all of the shop’s artists. You won’t be sorry.

Mike Rubendall

Mike Rubendall

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Ganesha Sahasranama

One of the signature traits of the tattoos that come out of Kipod Studio is the sheer excellence of the quality of work.  We’ve seen tattoos by George and Michael in the past, and one from Arad earlier today.  This portrait of Ganesha on a lotus was done by another one of the talented artists, Alexey Zamotevsky.

With the new gallery format, artists from every aspect of the body modification community can create a gallery for themselves or for the studio that they work out of like the gang at Kipod did.  If you’d like to have a gallery opened in your name just send off an email to [email protected].

Now this is a boat house

Seeing a tattoo from Kipod Studio in Tel Aviv on ModBlog isn’t something new.  What is new however is the artist.  With the recent update to the portfolio galleries, all the artists from Kipod are sending in photos for your enjoyment.  This piece in particular is by Arad Bert, who sent this in with a number of his other pieces.