Foxy Lady

While this fox is still in progress, it is still a damn fine looking piece.

Jakub Nadrowski from Forsaken Ink in Bloomingburg, NY sent in this tattoo that is 6 hours along.  As you’ve probably guessed by now, it can be found in the nature and wildlife gallery.

4 thoughts on “Foxy Lady

  1. All I thought right away with the fox and that blue, was Mozillla Firefox supporter.

    Either way, awesome

  2. oh wow, i never imagined when i uploaded this it would be featured on modblog! this is my shoulder, i sent it in. :) jakub’s in chicago at the moment but i cant wait to tell him!

    for anyone who’s curious, i believe he wants to go back into the fur (my first big piece- after the 5th hour he got to the top of the shoulder and it started to hurt- a lot. i think he cut me a break and finished by the 6th hour even though he wasnt really finished?) we also have plans to add onto it, with two little fox cubs underneath, with the fox’s tail wrapping around :D the fox is only about half-way down my upper arm at the moment

    im also not sure how to post from my bme account, but my username is pipebomb

  3. Lena – it’s just how you set the name when replying here. If you mean on the BME community, IAM, last I heard registration was still closed until the site update comes out.

    I look forward to seeing the finished piece.

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