Minimal cat is minimal

Art comes in many forms, and while some people love lavish and detailed works, others prefer a more minimalistic approach.   Gábor Zagyvai from Budapest is one artist that excels in minimalistic tattoos.

Of course that’s not all Gabor can do, as a quick look back into the ModBlog archives shows his abilities with complex pieces of art in both tattoos and scarification.  Head on over to the nature and wildlife galleries to check out a couple more minimalist pieces that he has done recently.

10 thoughts on “Minimal cat is minimal

  1. The red and blue lines remind me of old-school 3D glasses. Does anything happen if you look at this tattoo while wearing them?

  2. This brought to mind 3D glasses to me as well 🙂 Love the design and the originality. Very cool tatttoo.

  3. mike I was JUST thinking that…..dammit I had a pair of old school cardboard ‘specs’ round here somewhere too….

    silly thoughts aside that is really nice..

  4. I love this. I hear all the time that my tattoo is too simple or plain and that I need to add more to it. They don’t get that I want it to be simple.

  5. actually he can’t draw, that’s why he made only minimalistic and “abstract misticist” (sic!) works. i’d like to see some realistic or any kind of “classic” tattoo from Gabor. i guess i will never…
    anyway, he’s a cool guy.

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