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You know it was bound to happen soon enough.  In fact I’ve seen several Charlie Sheen tattoos over the past week, but when I saw this one sent in by Alie K (IAM: alouicious) I knew we had a winner. Over the weekend she’s been featured on  Fox News, Gawker, countless blogs and websites, and even had her image stolen by the Weekly World News without giving her any credit.

Alie tells me there’s still a little bit of work left to be done in the face, and background, but for the most part it’s finished.  The owner of this piece?  One of her co-workers at Adrenaline Tattoo in Toronto.  You can check out more of Alie’s non Charlie Sheen work in her BME Portfolio Gallery.  Keep an eye on her gallery, as she tells me she’s got some great photos of a piece of hers that recently won 1st place for most realistic at the Sydney Tattoo Convention.

29 thoughts on “Bring It!

  1. I’m sorry, but this is horrible.

    really really horrible. Not to mention the meme is already overdone and dying, and it’s been like a week. Great thing to permanently have on your body.

  2. I wouldn’t have known it was Charlie Sheen without reading the article. I like the… plant.

  3. Awesome! Let’s celebrate someone’s mental breakdown! Maybe one of her co-workers could make fun of someone with a physical disability next? Maybe a witty caption under a double amputee!

  4. Steve did you just compare losing two limbs to going on a Rock Star, I’m the King of the World Coke Binge? Stimulant psychosis is a mental breakdown the same way a bad hangover is food poisoning

  5. That is the most disgusting tattoo I have ever seen in my life. I wonder how soon you can get it lasered off.

  6. oh my god…I mean at least it looks like a normal human face and not a fucking alien head or a monster mask, but nothing like Charlie Sheen…so it’s just some guy with his head in a tiger’s mouth. That bluebird is adorable though. I want that on me somewhere.

  7. Actually, “fumbles”, a very good friend of mine who was suffering from stimulant psychosis after a week of drug binging went on a shooting spree while half naked and had to be taken out by police. He’s been dead for one year after fucking up the lives of who knows how many people. So comparing that to a hangover in a dismissive way as if stimulant psychosis is NOT a legitimate mental breakdown is incredibly ignorant. Whatever Sheen is going through could absolutely qualify as clinically significant behavior.

  8. Hiyaa! You seclet ingledient iiis……booze and stlippers!

    Im pretty sure it is the Iron chef dude, it was just wrongly labeled.

    and like 50 more…. I just think of alllll the tattoos thats not the best done one I’ve seen, nor is it a proper fandom to celebrate someone losing their mind in public, if he was just some looney on the street your mother would pull your ear and tell you not to stare… mental illness isnt a joke but its usually the punch line
    only decent part of that tattoo is the twitter bird, we’re feeding the machine by making him a god, he is not going to understand how out of line he’s been… also I think its MORE interesting that he wasn’t the first person to get his catch phrase tattooed to him, he has WINNING on his wrist… but a lot of people have it on their fingers and stuff now.

  10. In support of Modblog, Kendall, they can’t post photos that haven’t been submitted to them – they don’t own the rights to the photos and are not looking for more legal trouble.

    You’re right, it’d be a lot easier to run a blog like this if they could just steal photos from flickr arrounts, fuckyeahtattoos, or a dozen other sites, but then they’d have to watch out for cease & desist ordres on a daily basis from people who don’t want their photos stolen.

  11. I suppose that I overlooked this, I had originally written a much better response but it deleted itself:
    Point was I think the quality of the photos people are submitting have gone down hill, I used to read in awe and marvel at the intricate scarification, wonder about the mentality behind amputation, and try to imagine suspension…and recoil at transcrotal stretching, now its like, oh good another holey dick… I miss the articles written by some of the older crew, Rooraaah always wrote a good piece, I guess if no one is posting anything extreme its not the moderators fault but I think for “news” instead of talking about avril’s tiny neck tattoo is nothing compared to gaga having taken rick genest under her wing, skullboy zombieboy whatever he called himself, bme knew him first. I think that he could rival pauly unstoppable, erik sprague and whoever else, I think thats more newsworthy than in some town in some state some shop is doing something unsafe… There are dozens if not hundreds of sketchy places modifying people, and its wonderful that bme tries to educate, but awareness will not always solve the problem, the site has never advocated diy but understands it happens, but to me its not NEWS. I wish I had something HARDCORE instead of merely whimsical to submit, but even the navigation, formatting and lay out of the site has changed to where even with a good standing membership its impossible to see more than 2 pages at a time, and I feel that this site, as much as it is older and probably more respected than any of its kind online is squandering its awesome potential to be awesome, in the truest sense. I keep coming back because I believe in bme, and I think iam is a wonderful but it isn’t like it was, and I can’t quite put my finger on why. I think its strayed away from its original idealism or maybe if EVERYONE is a freak no one is a freak, but I can’t wrap my mind around it. I wasn’t meaning to negate all of the good things this site has to offer, I just think posting a mediocre tattoo about a mediocre actor when there are so many better tattoos out there is tiresome… And I think that as far as sheen himself is concerned, if he weren’t a celebrity but just a man on the street and we praised and mocked him the same way our mothers would pull us by the ear and tell us mental illness isn’t a joke [though often its become the punchline]

  12. I want a portrait tattoo sooooo bad, but this is one of the reasons why I have never gotten one. You dont get to see if it actually looks like the person you wanted on you until its already permanently on you. ugh.

  13. Also: Its nothing against allie’s entire portfolio I’ve seen other things absolutely nailed…if its “unfinished” I hope the dings and dents can be banged out, the tiger itself is grrrrreat, I even saw the reference photo and can’t seem to see where things went wrong but if theres another session in the future, hopefully the finishing touches will change our minds.

  14. +1 for Kendalls observation on the subpar postings of modblog as of late. Seems like the past year or so has been filled with pretty sub-par tattoos (seen a ton, a TON, of those uber trendy, yet horrible done, “sketchy color portraits” that low level tattoo artists seem to be gravitating towards due to the lack of skill involved in that looks “good from far” but “far from good” style.) It also does seem like Rob is the culprit in most of these bad tattoo postings. The culture, scarification and other shots he posts tend to ok at worst, just the tattoos he chooses tend to be ok at best. Maybe BME should delegate the modblog tattoo image choosing to someone more qualified.

  15. Thank you Mat. I appreciate that you know that I wasn’t trying to come across like a troll, I really do love this place, I want to love it like I used to love it though. I just used to get home from work or a weekend away without computer access and be shakin’ in my boots to see what awesome stuff is up, and its like much more mainstream. I just think this site is capable of so much, and can change the way people look at the world and themselves… I used to use this site as inspiration so I’d always have nice bright tattoos and never have to be ashamed of them, or look like everyone else… and now its like I don’t want tattoos like the ones that make the cover page so to speak. *shakes head* I wish I were able to do more, but last time my tattoo got posted on a site, an intensely personal tattoo of mine, got copied and I was pretty pissed off because it wasn’t even done as well, but I’m a baby

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