Behind the hooks

Over the past year we’ve seen a lot of submissions sent in by the #Leeds Suspension Team out of St. Petersburg, Russia.  Well, one of the members of the team, who is normally off camera, hopped in front of it and sent in a recent photo of himself.  Now Arseniy is no stranger to being featured on his own.  Myself, Jen, Rachel, and Jordan have all posted photos, and it’s easy to see why.  The guy is just so photogenic, and is very deserving of the title of BMEBoy.

Oh, those implants in his arm?  He put them in himself with a little assistance from Vlad SINtezz from Total Ink BodyModifications.

4 thoughts on “Behind the hooks

  1. sorry to comment on such an old topic but im a bit useless at keeping up with blogs and the like, but do implants like this heal as they are in this picture or is this the result of stretching ? im not sure at what size implants are , implanted (sorry) , as the only piercers i realy trust is a few hundred miles from me at the moment. thanks x

  2. @dann
    those implants are just bent ribs, about 8mm thick.
    it wasn’t stretching, just once set implants.

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