Eat your heart out Clive Barker

I first saw these photos on G333‘s page 2 weeks ago, and I knew right away they needed to be posted on ModBlog.  These are just three of the many photos from this shoot, all of which can be found in the play piercing gallery.  I’m in awe of how incredible these look.  Photo credit belongs to Gene Laakso from NJB Photography.

24 thoughts on “Eat your heart out Clive Barker

  1. the third image made me think of hellraiser straight away :)
    Really interesting pieces of kit and awesome shots.

  2. I have seen this in person! Well not the specifically the one in the photo but have seen her work in person and photos of it DO NOT do it the justice it deserves.

  3. Very, very cool. This really is performance art, I’ve always thought swinging on hooks in front of a crowd seemed a little bit cheesy, but THIS is where it’s at. I love it! Hellraiser references ftw.

  4. Gene makes them herself , I saw her wearing the second piece at the first Dallas suscon, they are amazing, she’s very talented.

  5. Hey, thank you everyone-rob! I’d like to specify that I made and modeled the work- NJB Photography- photo credits and Escape Suspension-hooker family… I’m honored to be presenting at Freaks and Fetish- Dallas Suscon this year.

  6. the funniest part is, i have MET her, and when i saw this was like wtf?! shes a friend of a friend, and we talked about doing a pull, at my friends new years gathering. small world!

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