It’s a good morning

Rise and shine North American ModBlog readers, the sun is out (probably) and spring is here.  For those of you on the top half of the planet, it’ll be morning eventually, and for those in the Southern Hemisphere, you’ve got fall to look forward to.

What better day than today to dig up a dashingly handsome BMEBoy.  atmosphericchaos is looking damn fine in this photo he sent into the BMEBoys gallery.

7 thoughts on “It’s a good morning

  1. haha every time I get modblogged I’m half (or fully naked). This time around I submitted a bunch of close up pictures of my sleeve and this picture got resubmitted because it was in limbo as my avatar and of course the half naked one gets modblogged, not the tattoo photos haha.

    Also, I’m totally ok with being body mod Jesus.

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