10 thoughts on “Listen

  1. i dont mean to be rude- its a fine tattoo, but that makes me feel ill, it looks like mould…..

  2. @Ceci reminds me of mold on a rock lol, it is a fine nonetheless and does indeed make a statement.

  3. It was taken right after it was done, so it was puffy and swollen and bloody. Its looking much cleaner as it is healing up. And its done in white but the transfer colored it a murky blue green tone. haha oh well.

  4. Isa: Yes, it’s really a tattoo. It’s just white ink instead of a more common color.

  5. maaaaaaacro lense note every flake of dry skin on the finger…
    Is it LISTEN and is that the wagging finger, so you can be all GIRL LISTEN HERE…MAMA KNOWS THE SCORE, BOYS CHEATIN ON YOU MMHMM cause when people say listen and they’re not named navi, I assume I’m going to get some springer audience member insight
    at least its not SHH! because like 4 celebrities or so have that, but if I were to get a hand tattoo it would be in white…I assume its puffy cause its fresh…I was under the impression that white tattoos often look pinker at the beginning

  6. eh, often that discoloration from the stencil is pretty short-lived. the yellowing is more what you should be worried about. but it’s in an area that doesn’t see a whole lot of sun, so that probably lowers the chances.

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