19 thoughts on “What’s a zed-pee-em?

  1. I’m a huge Stargate fan, but this just doesn’t do it for me at all.

    The tattoo itself is technically good and the artist has talent, but as a Stargate fan I just don’t like what’s been done with the glyph.

  2. deVs ex machina – it would bug me for evermore even though I’m sure it’s supposed to look like that.

  3. Her nipples are probably needle-sharp, thus enabling her to keep the shirt up without obvious visible straps. With that said, she can prick me with those things any time she likes. ;)

  4. What, nobody’s ever seen a girl in a strapless top before? (Actually it was a cami but I just tucked the straps down, shhhh!)

  5. Obviously i’m not big enough of a fan, i’ve watched Stargate quite a few times, but i don’t get how the tat is about the show :) I like it anyway, visually and because of the text.

  6. @Linda: the “A” shaped symbol in the middle is Earth’s Point of Origin, which is part of the dialing sequence for Earth. It’s also a pretty recognizable symbol from the show (in the title shot and whatnot). I was using “deus ex machina” in a kind of tongue-in-cheek way about the Goa’uld.
    /nerd out

  7. Awesome tat. I love the deus ex machina nod to the goa’uld. (I have a stargate tat as well but won’t hijack this thread about it)

  8. More of a farscape person myself… But the tattoo is nicely done, and it certainly looks great on you Zobro :)

  9. I’m glad we’re getting to see the tattoo again in full view this time!

    Now Zobro needs to get more sweet tattoos so we can see her pretty face on modblog again ;)

  10. @jvn #7 – I know that, sorry, I was trying to get across the point that I’d get sick of explaining it to everyone for evermore.

  11. Loving it and the deus ex machina ties it together well, one of my fav Latin phrases

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