A fitting tribute to a fallen friend

As many of you know, the BME community lost one of it’s own last week, Adam Aries. It was several years ago at a party at Shawn’s old place that I first met Adam. We immediately hit it off. However, the next few times I ran into him, I do not believe I ever once recognized him right off the bat. Adam’s personal style was ever changing, ever evolving. His hair, facial hair, dress and in some instances makeup changed so often he was hard to keep up with. So when this random dude came running up to me with a bleach blonde mohawk and makeup that looked like it was done by Divine herself, I had no clue who it was………that is until I saw his telltale  tattoo, a dragon fly on his throat. As soon as I saw that tattoo I instantly knew it was Adam, and I instantly knew I was in for a good time.


Apparently, I am not alone in connecting this trademark tattoo!  I saw this piece posted on Adam’s facebook page, so I contacted the proud wearer of this tattoo, and asked his permission to post it here.  The tattoo is on Andy Mac Kenzie aka Applejack.  Andy was a close friend of Adam’s and is a tattoo apprentice at Pino Bro’s the shop where Adam pierced. The tattoo was done by another close friend and coworker of Adam’s Deirdre Doyle.

My old friend Robin was visiting last night and she said she knew of at least one other person who had gotten a similar dragonfly tribute tattoo. So if you or anyone you know has gotten a tattoo to memorialize Adam, just shoot me an email with the picture, your info and artist credit and I will add it to this post.

May Adam’s legacy, memories, the piercings he did and the music created far outlive his life that was cut way too short.

9 thoughts on “A fitting tribute to a fallen friend

  1. such a great way to remember Adam. Not just in our minds and in our hearts, but placed within our skin also.

  2. It is taken from the design the band The Locust use, but they only use a locust with one wing. Nick and Kevin at Precision Body Arts (PBA) in Nashua have also been doing these tattoos on those that loved Adam.

  3. Adam, you cut a distinctive swathe through life, through (some of our) skins, and most of all, through our hearts. You are deeply, deeply missed.
    I want to express my love by offering the only practical service I can do for him now, which is to tell you, someone whom he loves, about someOne more powerful than raging, fiery comets; someOne who indeed breathed the stars into existence thereby establishing Himself as the all-time most awesome pyrotechnician; someOne who loves you in a deep, yet practical way, as shown by the fact that He died an excruciating death to make a way for you to be able to come to His open arms and be safe from everything. He’ll bear your griefs and carry your sorrows (Isaiah 53:4). Sometimes it’s a comfort to pray with people: 1-800-4-PRAYER has live people who personally know the God of all comfort who’ll gladly pray with you, or prayer.ag.org allows you to submit anonymous requests for prayer any time, day or night. Spiritlessons.com and needGod.com have compelling information, and I think http://www.chick.com/reading/tracts/0086/0086_01.asp would’ve made Adam laugh.
    May God bless you all.

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