Simple Symmetry

We’re kicking off this fine Tuesday morning with the tattoos of one IAM: Ratcaver.  Now you may recall her David Bowie photoshoot from last November where we got a good look at her double collar bone implants.  Taking a gander at her back we can see how she’s opted for a very minimalistic style with the dotted line on the spine and the screw head on her lower back and wrists.

After looking at her IAM page, it’s clear that she has a very specific plan for her modifications, and these tattoos are only a piece of a larger puzzle.  Credit for the tattoo goes to Andy Zert-One from Paradigm Body Art in Arnhem, The Netherlands.

9 thoughts on “Simple Symmetry

  1. I hope this girl likes anal sex. I can think of no greater tragedy than that ass not being pounded.

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