Teamwork gets it done

In an effort to keep trying new and different things, The Sinner Team put together this triple tandem suspension.

Here’s the breakdown of the hook placements.  On top is an 8 point knee(?) suspension, although the hooks start at his knees and move up his thigh.  From there he has 6 hooks in his chest, and another 6 in his back to hold up the square rigging plate.  On the bottom is a single point chest, and a 4 point resurrection.  According to the description given, the extra hooks on the top were there to relieve the pressure on the spine, which was an issue with earlier tandem suspensions.

And here is the team that put it all together.

As always, The Sinner Team documented everything, and you can check out all the steps involved in the team portfolio gallery.

5 thoughts on “Teamwork gets it done

  1. This is amazing. Really well done: balance and simplicity. Making me wanting more to try this suspension thing…. but to be honest. I am way to afraid of my skinning tearing apart to do it… I know… coward I am….

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