The Friday Follow-up

Let’s get right into it this week, because if I dwell on the fact that it’s Friday I’ll end up with the stupid song stuck in my head again.

About two months ago we first got a look at this skull by scarification wunderkind Efix Roy.  Located on the rib, it’s a great example of a clean, thin lined scar.  So how does it look now that it’s had a chance to heal up a bit?  You know what you have to do to find out.

I really don’t think you can ask for a better result than that.  Of course things will change as time goes on, but from how it’s looking now, it’s a safe bet to think this is going to continue to look amazing.

The Follow-up is always looking for more healed scars.  So upload your fresh and healed scars to BME, and next week the follow-up could be your scar.

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