The Friday Follow-up

Let’s get right into it this week, because if I dwell on the fact that it’s Friday I’ll end up with the stupid song stuck in my head again.

About two months ago we first got a look at this skull by scarification wunderkind Efix Roy.  Located on the rib, it’s a great example of a clean, thin lined scar.  So how does it look now that it’s had a chance to heal up a bit?  You know what you have to do to find out.

I really don’t think you can ask for a better result than that.  Of course things will change as time goes on, but from how it’s looking now, it’s a safe bet to think this is going to continue to look amazing.

The Follow-up is always looking for more healed scars.  So upload your fresh and healed scars to BME, and next week the follow-up could be your scar.

The next time I have to come in here I’m crackin’ skulls

According to Efix, this skull is massive.  Unfortunately, I can’t tell where it is on the body, so it’s hard to get scale.  Plus if you’ve ever met Efix, a lot of things are big to him.

Now Efix is going to be in Australia over the next few weeks, so if you’re down there, stop by and say hi.  I’m not sure if he’s fully booked or not, but I know he likes to have visitors.  Also, he’s been dying to be a BMEBoy for a while, so if you can get a really good photo of him, send it in.  In the meantime, check out more of his work in his BME portfolio gallery.

Make It Dance

There was no information included with this photo, unfortunately, so we’re unable to pay proper tribute to this gentleman and the various ways in which he succeeds at being an outright bad-ass (or at least at wearing nicely done bad-ass tattoos). Fire, skulls and two sets of horns (although one looks more like a blade)? Hey, sometimes we’re easily impressed.

After the jump, another anonymous entry dealing with a serious medical condition we like to refer to as “Skullgina Dentata.”

Around the World in 70 Seconds

The above hell-demon was summoned by Paul Arena at Tattoo Clinic in South Glens Fall, New York, who is obviously some sort of damned warlock and probably does this sort of thing for fun, all the time, and will stop at nothing until these terrifying beasts have crept up from the soil and latched onto the backs of every man, woman and child, enslaving us all, forever. A clever gambit on your part, sir.

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Souls to Burn

Here’s a little known fact: Dan DiMattia of Calypso Tattoo is not actually a tattoo artist. Weird, right? Because you’ve seen all these beautiful things that he claims to have tattooed? Never. Not once has he tattooed a person. You know how he tipped his hand? “His” “pieces” are too good. No human being could actually produce tattoos that gorgeous. Either Dan DiMattia is some sort of space creature, or he is in league with magicians and/or witches who just make these works of art appear. These are obviously the only two reasonable options to explain how he can consistently claim to produce such incredible work. (Actually, there’s a third option, one which involves me being a moron. Guess which one is correct! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.)

That’s it for today, ModBlog. Embrace the evening, and we’ll see you tomorrow.

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