Made in Australia

You can take a man out of Australia, but you’ll never be able to take Australia out of this man.

Scarification artist Anders, who is also a proud Aussie, carved out this particular scar.  If you happen to be around the Gold Coast, stop by Flesh Impressions to pay Anders a visit.

6 thoughts on “Made in Australia

  1. Whenever I hear “Made in Australia” in relation to an Australian citizen, I can’t help but remember the race riots and the treatment of minority ethnicities over there.

  2. I am glad we are better than NZ tho………….. I like being Australian and am glad it is “our one land”

  3. the mentioned treatment of those minorities, was by another minority which we like to call ‘Bogan’ ‘Bogan Aussies’ Bah, but theres plenty of us good ones! ;)

  4. Yeah, Australia all the way! Ya can’t get two litres of milk for less than $3.60. What’s up with that??? Get your crap together NZ! Hahahaha

    Let’s all hold hands and praise Australia!

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