Open your mind

yfirgefavona’s chest tattoo reads “Love yourself, open your mind”.  It’s a great example of how a lettering tattoo can be transformed into an abstract art piece.

I’m not sure if the cherry blossoms are a part of the piece or if they’re intended to be covered up.  In any case, Freak Mike from Swastika Freakshop in Germany did a great job and the owner says that the tattoo “has made me love myself more than I ever have”.  It’s that sentiment alone that makes this piece exceptional.  Too often are we caught up with how a piece of art can affect us, we can easily forget how important it is to the person who has it for life.

30 thoughts on “Open your mind

  1. holy shit, that’s me! What an honor.
    The cherryblossoms where there before, not really a cover up, but it turned out nice.
    Freak Mike from Little Swastika, by the way! Thank you very much for the nice comments 🙂

  2. does she have any idea how horrible that’s going to look when her skin starts to age? it’s going to look like skin cancer.

  3. Yeppers:
    Wow, you just figured out why I got it – because it’s going to look like skin cancer.
    No, really, shut that little gob of yours and open up a little. Sure, it’s not going to look perfect, but that’s not the purpose of the tattoo. There’s so much more behind it than just some ink and skin – and who knows, maybe I got killer genes? I’m twenty years old now.

    So yes, I do have an idea how “horrible” it’s going to look. It’s going to look horribly beautiful, and with all of my other tattoos, they will age with me – with pride.

  4. Who cares how tattoos will look in 30-40years, if nothing else you’ll have some colourfull wrinkles lol. And in the mean time, thats a great looking tattoo!

  5. I don’t get the “what will it look like” argument (at least when it’s just in general, not bc the tat is poorly done or way too detailed), what does it matter when your skin is all wrinkly anyway. Love the tattoo in the pic, i’m not the biggest fan of pictures around the chest area on women, but this looks awesome.

  6. wow you really schooled me there. This is almost as cool as the belgian girl who covered her face with stars.

  7. Someone’s jealin’ that they don’t have such an amazing tattoo, clearly~

    Who cares what it’s going to look like? It looks beautiful now and it’ll look beautiful for years to come.

  8. Both the girl and tattoo are absolutely beautiful.

    As for the piece looking “horrible” when she ages… One could argue that any tattoo has the potential to look awful with age. Suffice to say, certain comments here could be phrased differently.

  9. Pretty sure by the time we’re all old enough for our tattoos to become saggy and covered with liver spots etc. that we’ll be more concerned with shit like impotence and collapsing vaginas and the fact that we can wrap our tits around our ankles, pooping ourselves at inappropriate times, having faces like Shar Pei puppies, boils and warts on our hands and feet… I mean really guys, if you’re basing your young aesthetic on what you want to look like when you’re old then you’re just fucked for life because we ALL end up UGLY AS HELL.

  10. This looks fantastic! Completely individual too. I’m not saying German artists are the best, but whenever I see art from there it always seems to blow my mind and be totally individual. Definitely got to find a similar artist at some point. Great.

  11. i can’t even find the words to say how much i love this:) how can you even compare it to the belgian girl thing, this is art and it’s beautiful

  12. Heh… looks like Yeppers is playing Body Modification Bingo. Surprised there hasn’t been a “Did it hurt?”

    I must say this is such a fantastic piece, yfirgefavona it looks absolutely stunning on you! The textures in particular are striking.

  13. This is an old post now, but when it was originally posted i was blown away, and every few months i come back to give it another look, so i figured i’d leave a comment and show my appreciation. I love everything about this tattoo, it’s incredibly aesthetically pleasing, and the message is one of the most important things a human can ever come to realize.

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