Step right up!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls!  Presenting the most fantastic show under the big top, The #Leeds Suspension Team‘s Flying Circus!

They’ve got clowns, dancers, and feats so incredible your eyes won’t believe it!  So step right up, and prepare yourself for something magical!

First up is the ginger superman!  Here you can see her getting ready to soar above the crowds.

Next up is the daring Inga!  In a breathtaking move, Inga will transition from an embryo suspension, into a knee suspension.

And that’s just a small tease of what you can expect to find when you go to the #Leeds Suspension Team gallery on BME!  See Inga fly through the air as her ropes are cut out from above her!  Watch as clowns soar overhead!  Experience the breathtaking beauty of suspensions like you’ve never seen before!

11 thoughts on “Step right up!

  1. Emrys, look more attentively and think before say next time. We do tying to chackles 😉

  2. I believe Emrys was referring to the connection to the hook/shackle being the terminal end, resulting in a localized area of the cord carrying a large proportion of the weight, where if the rigging had been done with more current techniques the cord would have made the shape of a “W”, so the same force applied to 1 point in the rigging photographed would be carried by 3 points greatly reducing any risks of cord failure.
    I see so many suspensions and other procedures on modblog with glaring safety issues, but this never seems to be addressed now, I guess it’ll take somebody getting hurt mimicking modblog images that had no commentary on safety issues. As much as the originator of BME and Modblog made it a “cool kids” club, at least he regularly pointed out safety concerns, now it seems like safety comes after publicity, and shock value, if it comes at all……

  3. ah, now i’ve got what do you mean.
    ehh.. well.. i agree with you guys.
    but here we had to tye in the way we did.
    i understand that it increases the risk, but we decrease it when choosin really good ropes (it tears at approx. 800kg loads only) and really good ties. which reduce maximum weight not too much.

    unfortunately i see a lot of pics here where safety is much worse than one shown in our images.
    first of all i suppose people must pay attention for more dangerous things than rope vitality reducement when being tied on hooks instead of being tied on itself.

    some people, for example, (i speak about our local saint-petersburg susteams) use ONE thin rope for MANY suspensions! (i even say nothing about contamination, but 3-4mm weight rope must be used only once and then it should be utilized, or left for lifting non-living weights)

  4. I really like what & how the “critic” said what he said. I think we need to all take the positive criticism & better ourselves as a whole. I know I have done suspensions that weren’t all that safe but I was criticized & I took it as a positive & now I hope I’m a better/ safer practitioner.
    I believe Emrys was just trying to point out how easily you could of made this 10x’s better by just doing a simple rope tying variation.

  5. beautiful x i would like to ask. ,(may seem a stupid question, if so i apologies) is this suspension team leeds uk? from google searches i have got varied results and suspension is something i have wanted to get involved with for some time, would really appreciate some advice from more experienced people, thanks in advance x

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